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welcome to radiant graphics, this community was originally ran by _eighty8 but has been passed over to urbansurf. as of december 31, 2005 the community underwent a makeover and is now back up and fully running. here you will find graphics of celebrities and pop related objects. there's more information below along with the rules of the community. please join if you promise to follow the rules and be an active member.

as of january 2006, this community is now known as radiant graphics or radiance reloaded. the name change comes with the new ownership of urbansurf. all graphics are made by urbansurf and amazingchaos. they range from pop to anything and updates should be every weekend seeing as we are both busy with lives. our styles range through each icons and are totally different, so only join if you plan on actually using our icons (we don't need fillers)

one. commenting on which you take is important, if numbers are listed in the post please comment with all the numbers you take. if not than just say how many you took.

two. credit each user independently at radiance_ or any other way as long as it includes either the maker's name or the communities name. if posted otherwise in the post than please follow.

three. only ask for requests when we post request sheets.

four. affiliates requests should be done on the affiliates post, please don't post on a random icon update.

five. credit for banners or layouts should be done on the userinfo, faliure will get you banned from the community.

six. never hot/direct link. (hot/direct linking is when you use my server address) please upload things to your own server.

seven.do not re-distribute, change, edit, or customize my work.

link us
to come soon

all affiliates have been restarted, please request again.