the little brown bear read out of his new book. (anotheryourself) wrote in r_a_r_,
the little brown bear read out of his new book.

and by chapter 10, i obviously meant chapter 11.

which is entitled "rape, racism, and the myth of the black racist"-- so not easy reading in any way. i think it's a really really important chapter, and i want to suggest that you read it if you have access to the book?

though, first off, the first paragraph is kind of confusing. davis in some ways makes it sound like rape is only "now" becoming a big problem... which i don't think is true. she claims it is a dysfunction of capitalist society-- which seems too simple.

since the book has been primarily a history, not a lot has appeared dated, but then she started reminding me that "now" is the 70's. i wish i had a more current critique of race and rape. anyone know of one?

do many activist white women rely on the police and judges... and have they ever?

"Black women as promiscuous and immoral"-- in "portrait of the artist as a young trannie issue #6: trannies and sex harmony" which i can't find right this second (and am sold out of on my distro), there's a really interesting critique of race and the sex positive movement. a little bit of "what is the class of people who make your sex toys, sweeties?" and a little bit of "with all the myths about black people's sexualities, can this be at all a welcoming movement?" and so the paragraphs about that got me thinking about the privileges of sexual freedom.

i think the myth of the black rapist is still in lots of white people's minds. i was embarassed when i was combing my own thoughts for where it lies and stuff. and while i "know" that there's SOOOO much "excuseable" weird upper-class work-environment powerpowerpower cases of sexual harassment, in thinking about where i feel physically safe and where i don't, i'm not liking what i'm figuring out. so... i'm wondering... how do we stop that? *laughs* simple question, eh? but really-- what methods are there to get rid of those kinds of deep myths in ourselves and in our culture? anyone have their handy myth dispelling handbook to help me out here? (ps. as far as i know there is no such book. which is my point.)

i was surprised by the fact that davis cited that frederick douglass claimed that there were no reported rapes of white women by black men in slavery. again with the feeling that that's related to big myths... and wondering if there are any sorts of statistics to back that up, where one would find that out, and if it's just me or if there are novels/films that say that this isn't the case.

and then, the other big question... "why are there so many anonymous rapists in the first place?" davis really uses power/class/race in her answer... what are your thoughts??
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