the little brown bear read out of his new book. (anotheryourself) wrote in r_a_r_,
the little brown bear read out of his new book.

ch 10
this chapter is basically profiles of various (primarily white) heroic communist women. there is discussion about them learning about race issues (have any of you read any of elizabeth gurley flynn's books?) but it actually mostly got me thinking about heroes and the dirth of them. it got me wondering about that-- and where it comes from. what kind of history and privilege one has to have to be recognized as a hero. if it has to do with the way that there are more people in the world, so people's actions feel like a drop in the bucket-- or if these people's actions felt the same way, but they weren't-- or if they maybe were-- or if it's better government control that makes it harder to do grand actions. then... is it because of these heroes that people are complacent-- "it's already been done" or "i can't do anything that grand"-- or what? is it because of some sort of post-modern hyper-awareness that stops us before we get started because all actions could get nipped in the bud, or even that all actions are fundamentally theoretically wrong-headed. i'm surrounded mostly by thinkers, and most actions get thought out so much, and even after they are performed they are critically reviewed. that makes it scary. would the naivete of the past keep us going more?

and that's what i have to say about that.
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