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Oh shit ,I saw the grudge ,that shit was crazy!!!!!!!!! it was scary, i loved it though.....my uncle is still here ....i need a job ......

Kerry for president!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DAMN THE MAN......bush there is no war on terror.......terrrorist exist as long the world exist....
so stop hurting my homies.......i'm not that political but when my friends are getting killed in a senseless
lie...I get pissed....that's all i can say my journal will not be a vehcile for debate.... i'm just sick of the government becoming high school, for example loose morals, shit talkers, and countless incidents of people
to sugar coat the truth....i might be an asshole, but you can't change me.....

"we buy our way outta jail, but can't buy freedom." -kayne west

p.s. I love that kayne west song.....that man gets it....


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