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quidditch_'s Journal

Fans of Harry Potter
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Overview: Quidditch is the most popular sport in the Wizarding world. It is a game played on broomsticks, vaguely similar to Muggle basketball and American soccer in which two teams attempt to win by amassing the greatest amount of points. The game ends when the Golden Snitch is caught.

Number of Players: 7 per team
Names of the Positions: Keeper, Seeker, Chaser, Beater

Number of Keepers: 1
Description of the Keeper: The Keeper has to stop the other team�s Chaser from scoring with the Quaffle by defending the goal.

Number of Seekers: 1
Description of the Seeker: The Seeker's only role is to catch the Golden Snitch. Seekers are typically of thin build, agile, with good eyesight. Seekers are the ones who get fouled the most during a game, and are the only player allowed to catch the Golden Snitch.

Number of Chasers: 3
Description of the Chaser: The Chaser's job is to score points by throwing the Quaffle into the opponent's goal.

Number of Beaters: 2
Description of the Beater: The Beaters job is to keep the Bludgers away from their own team, and beat the Bludgers toward the opposite team when they can.

Number of Balls: 4
Names of the Balls: Quaffle, Bludger and the Golden Snitch

Number of Quaffles: 1
Description of the Quaffle: It is a bright red ball, about the size of a soccer ball, used to score goals by the Chasers. Each goal with a Quaffle is worth 10 points.

Number of Bludgers: 2
Description of the Bludger: A jet black ball slightly smaller than Quaffle, it attempts to knock players of both teams off their broomsticks by whipping around the field by itself and rocketing towards players. Has been known to cause injury, has never killed a student at Hogwarts.

Golden Snitch
Number of Golden Snitches: 1
Description of the Golden Snitch: The golden snitch is, ironically, gold in color. Walnut-sized, it has a pair of silver wings and appears at random anywhere on the field at any given moment. It is the smallest ball in the game, and the game is not over until it is caught by the Seeker. It is extremely hard to catch due to its size and speed. It is worth 150 points to the team that catches it.

There are 3 goalposts on either side of the field, The goals are round, 50 feet in the air and resemble the sticks found in bubble blowing containers. The bleachers for spectators are raised to allow a closer view of the action.

Quidditch Facts:
There are 700 ways of committing a Quidditch foul, and all of them occurred during a World Cup match in 1473.
The longest Quidditch game was 3 months.

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