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Purses are fashionable love!
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Welcome to Purses_! This is a community where you can say anything you want about purses, bags, clutches, what's in your bag, what's on your bag (pins and such), whre you shop, just anything that pertains to purses! However, there are a few rules. Please read these before your first post! =D


-Absolutely NO putdowns. You can say if you don't agree or dislike someone's opinion, but don't be insulting about it! No flaming, no arguing. YOU WILL BE BANNED.

-Comment! Everyone loves comments. =D

-Keep the vulgarity at a low. I don't want to see the eff word 346873048739475345 times in one sentence.

-When you make your first post with the application (shown below) post your subject as "What's in YOUR bag?", please!

-If you have any questions, you can contact your moderator, livinginabubble through comments and/or e-mail.


What's your name?:
How old are you?:
How many purses do you own?:
Where do you like to shop for purses?:
Is there anything else about you that you'd like us to know?:
If possible, post a picture of your favorite purse:


purses are fashionable love!

Codes and more banners coming soon.