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Punk Rock Love...

when other communities just get boring!

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This community is for rock fans to just talk about bands/post poetry and writings/ and stuff like that. When you join please post the answers to this..........
favorite bands-
where'd you here of this community-
Favorite songs-
Favorite CD's-
Picture (if you can.)-

This community is created and moderated by: gc_blinkie_182
12 stones, 36 crazyfists, a perfect circle, afi, alien ant farm, all-american rejects, alter bridge, as i lay dying, atreyu, avenged sevenfold, bad religion, beastie boys, black sabbath, bowling for soup, box car racer, breaking benjamin, breaking point, chevelle, chronic future, chuang tzu, coheed and cambria, cradle of filth, creed, deftones, dimmu borgir, disturbed, earshot, evanescence, eve 6, everytime i die, fozzy, from autumn to ashes, funeral for a friend, good charlotte, goth guys, green day, greenday, hatebreed, hazen street, hot topic, iggy pop, jet, judas priest, kid rock, killswitch engage, kittie, korn, lacuna coil, lamb of god, letter kills, linkin park, lola ray, lostprophets, marilyn manson, mars volta, matchbook romance, mental drowning, mest, metal music, metallica, midtown, minor threat, misfits, monster magnet, mudvayne, muse, my chemical romance, new found glory, nigthwish, nirvana, otep, ozzfest, ozzy osbourne, pantera, papa roach, placebo, pod, poison, punk guys, punk rock, rancid, riddlin kids, rise against, rob zombie, rock music, scum of the earth, secret machines, seemless, seether, sevendust, shinedown, silverchair, simple plan, slash, slayer, slipknot, smile empty soul, social distortion, something corporate, staind, steriogram, steriomud, stone temple pilots, strata, sum 41, superjoint ritual, switchfoot, system of a down, taking back sunday, tarot, the ataris, the hives, the killers, the offspring, the used, the vines, three days grace, thrice, tool, toxic holiday, trapt, trust company, underoath, unwritten law, van halen, velvet revolver, warped tour, writing poetry, writing songs, yellowcard