October 22nd, 2005


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Hey you don't want this community to die, I might be able to help say. Ha ha this is going to be fun! *cackels evily* As you can tell I'm a bit crazy, but don't be scared, I don't bite
Name- Bernadette
Age- 15
favorite bands- Evanescence and Green Day and many more
where'd you here of this community- I saw a button and I clicked!
Favorite songs- Wisper - Evanescence, Freak Me Out - Weezer, Holiday and Minority - Green Day
Favorite CD's- to many to count
Picture (if you can.)- sorry can't to bad, I'll have to be mysterous! aint that sexy
Other- as a said i'm a tiny bit crazy but fun.
find out more about me at my journal and

I'll try to help you out at keeping this place alive. Hope you don't mind.
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