August 9th, 2005

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Hi everyone XD,

I need a person that can make a good layout for this community b/c the black and grey thing is so normal.
If you can do that then comment here and we can discuss what it should look like.
I would do this myself but I'm not very good at making layouts, and I'm not very good w/ html.
Also if you are looking to be a mod then that's cool too... comment on this entry also.

There's this interview w/ Travis from Blink 182, and I decided to post it.

RM: Let's talk Blink-182 now. Can you tell me why did you cancel your
participation to the relief concert in February?

Travis: Tom cancelled it.

RM: And the atmosphere between you was so tensed that you cannot play one more time together?

Travis: No, it's just Tom who decided that he didn't want to play that kind
of music and that he wanted to come back home, with his family.

RM: After that, a lot of rumors came out. First, we talk about a hiatus. But
some people said that your declaration was not really clear... You said "blink-182, do not exist anymore", and after you talked about a new album...

Travis: That's because I'm only 1/3 of the band, I'm not Blink-182 alone. I
mean I don't want to talk about it. All I can say is that you can ask your questions to two other persons...

RM: Do you still see Tom and Mark?

Travis: Nobody talks to Tom anymore, he spends all his time with his family
now, he just wants to stay at home with them now! If you want some more information, you can call Tom and directly ask him why he wants to spend his life in his house!

RM: Do you think you can do a Blink-182 album without Tom?

Travis: No.

RM: So The official reason for the Blink-182 hiatus is that Tom wanted to have a break, but not you and Mark?

Travis: Yes. Because Mark and I are still playing music together. We also
have a family, but we love playing music.

RM: Can you confirm the Blink-182 Best Of?

Travis: Yes, it will come out in December I think.

RM: Generally, that kind of album is another word to say "split"...

Travis: Yes, Blink-182 do not exist anymore, but it's Tom's fault.
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