June 15th, 2005


Name- kendra lea...you can call me kendra though heh

Age- 16 and a half...and yes the half is important

favorite bands- The Offspring, Linkin Park, Sum 41, Slipknot, A Perfect Circle, Blink 182, Green Day, Atreyu, Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle, Coldplay, Korn, Papa Roach, Sublime, Yellowcard

where'd you here of this community- i wanted to join a community and i looked up the offspring...but found this community and thought, hey why not?

Favorite songs- Chop Suey- SOAD, Down- Blink, Always- Blink, Americana- Offspring, Can't Repeat- Offspring, Gone Away- Offspring, The Crimson- Atreyu, Session- LP, Runaway- LP, BYOB- SOAD, Walking Dead- Ztrip feat. Chester Bennington, Somewhere I Belong- LP, Broken- Seether feat. Amy Lee, Hello- Evanescense, Going Under- Evanescense, Vitamin R- Chevelle, Still Waiting- Sum 41, No Reason- Sum 41, Forget It- Breaking Benjamin, Last Resort- Papa Roach, Sometimes- Papa Roach, The Sacrement- HIM, Prosthetics- Slipknot, Good Riddance- Green Day, Imagine- A Perfect Circle, Passive- A Perfect Circle, Feel Good Inc- Gorillaz

Favorite CD's- Americana, Last Blink 182 CD, Fallen, Self Titled Slipknot Cd, Latest Sum 41 Cd, This Kind of Thinking Could Do Us In, Meteora, Hybrid Theory, Love Metal, Best of Korn, Best of Green Day, Enema of the State, 40 oz. to Freedom, The Matrix soundtrack

Picture (if you can.)- heh, i would rather not

Other- ummm, if its not already quite obvious, im OBSESSED with music, and i love punk rock mostly, but im open to just about any kind of rock and a little here and there of some other genres. i love mark hoppus and travis barker..A LOT...but hey...they rock. i thought it might be somewhat fun to meet other people as crazy as me about music and punk rock, and all that good stuff...so um...hi!? yeah....im out!!
  • Current Music
    Feel Good Inc-- Gorillaz