February 13th, 2005

Gaurdian Delta made this icon!

The 1st annual MR awards.

Okay so This community is doing an award thingy yay!!!
Okay, here are the categories:

Best Band
Best Song
Best CD
Best Video
Best Band Name
Best enhanced features on a cd
Best Band dvd
Hottest lead singer
Hottest bassist
Hottest Guitarist
Hottest Keyboardest
Hottest Violinist
Hottest Drummer
Best tour
Best Guitar solo
Best lyrics

You can nominate as many people/albums/songs/bands that you want,
but whichever gets the most votes then they'll actually be narrowed down and you'll have to vote.

Best song
Existentialism on prom night

Let's say a lot of people nominate it, then it'll be in the running to win... got it

So please nominate.
Love our mod gc_blinkie_182
Also if you can tell people about this community,
and about this then that'll be helpful.
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    Existentialism on prom night