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Turtles Can Fly (2004), 8/10

Lakposhtha hâm parvaz mikonand (Turtles Can Fly, France/Iran/Iraq, 2004)
Directed by: Bahman Ghobadi
Rating: "This is some serious gourmet shit!" (8/10)

Direction: 4/5
Cinematography: 3/5
Art: 3/5
Script: 4/5
Editing: 3/5
Costume design: 4/5
Soundtrack: 2/5

The experience of seeing this film in a short interval of time right after watching Hotel Ruanda was amazing. Both of them made me think a lot, and marvel at the sheer stupidity that can be the human specie.

It was very good to finally see a film about the war in Iraq by the Iraqis point of view. Even better to see the war by the eyes of teenagers and children (which reminded me a lot of City of God).

Not much to comment on the technical part, for it is no big deal. Everything is good enough for what the films wants to show, and nothing is too brilliant. The acting of the kids, and especially of Soran Ebrahim, who plays Satellite, is excellent.

Won't go on about the injustices of the world or the irresponsibility that was the war in itself, for it would take a very long time, but I'll just say that it's a necessary movie for those that want to go beyond Michel Moore and the CNN bulletins.

"We are here to take away your sorrow! Those against us are our enemies. We will make this country a paradise. We are the best!” - Setellite, reading leaflets thrown by American helicopters.

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