i dream of you draped in wires

(i'll take you all on)

we all get paid
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Interpol Slash Community

Slash is, if you don't know, homoerotic (to one degree or another) fiction. In this case, it's written about members of the band Interpol.
DISCLAIMER The stories on this page are not meant to reflect the true sexual orientations/tendencies of the people described therein. They are fiction and not written for any sort of personal gain. fake fake fake!!!


1. No het please. This is a slash community. If you don't know what those terms mean, this may not be the place for you.
2. Please, no introductory posts. Write something if you have an overwhelming urge to post. It's more healthy that way.
3. In a similar vein, no community pimping and/or other irrelevant posting. If you do it, I will ban you.
4. While this community is for FICTION, I suppose that (tasteful and relevant) photos can be posted.
5. Fiction must be coherent and readable.
6. Include a disclaimer with your fiction, just in case. Also, some sort of title/author/rating thing is a good idea.
7. Fiction must include at least one (1) member of interpol, other than that, I don't care. Be creative.
8. Please, always use a livejournal cut for any fiction or image. Check the LJ FAQ if you don't know how.
9. Don't flame people. Alternately, don't be bitchy about constructive criticism.
10. Don't do anything stupid.