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On Lotus Pond

Hello guys!
Dunno if there's still anyone still stumbling upon this group but here I am posting a few Interpol fanfic stuff.
Here's one I'm contributing and hope you like it. I've posted this on my Tumblr blog but anyway, hope you like it.

This is a Carlos Dengler/Daniel Kessler slashfic.

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drabbles and things...

Does anyone post on here at all anymore? :O I hope that doesn't sound brash or anything. Ah, well. If there is any life left here, I hope you can take some joy out of what I've written. These are prompts I wrote over a year ago that aren't even long enough to be considered oneshots and, truth be told, I am a little embarrassed by them. But I do still write about the guys, just not them in love or fucking one another, haha. I don't really have a talent for slash. Who knows, I might start up again some day. Either way, I hope you enjoy. I'll keep them separated from each other with brackets. Please don't hesitate to tell me if they aren't welcome here.

Disclaimer: Not real, never happened, these men have their own lives and none of this is written with the intent of harm, libel, or slander. I would not be writing about them if I did not like and respect them in the first place. All for enjoyment and writing exercise.

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Project Sparkle

Title: Project Sparkle
Author: Me. Just me.
Rating: A very light R for cussing, a light splash of blood and implied bad behavior.
Summary: Carlos Dengler’s final act as a member of Interpol is to turn Daniel into a vampire.
Pairing: Technically none.
Warning: It's a vampire fic. You think it's real? I own nothing. I am nothing.
Thanks: To enchanted_black and realifehiatus
Notes: Inspired in part by the third picture here, whereupon I went "ooh, vampire fic lol". If you're still out there, enjoy.
Attention Mod Person: A "author: atelierlune" tag would be nice.

Thieves and snakes need homes.Collapse )

heat & sin (the big brother is always watching you remix) | girl!daniel/paul, girl!carlos/paul | R | 2800+ | summary: so this was the original version of what later ended up being finding equilibrium, scrapped because i just did not want to deal with having to explain in detail the universe they lived in. path of least resistance, amirite? also, it was written right before i got into bandom, so it’s also been dubbed the “sans ryro” version.

obviously, i’m posting it to kick off what will hopefully be a promising WIP Amnesty Day Pt. II: Revenge of the WIP.

After two years of your wife practically flinching when you touched her? That would be enough to drive anyone insane, Paul supposes.  )

. unexpected places (the roland redux) .

unexpected places (the roland redux) | PG | paul banks, butcher (the academy is...) | 600+ | notes: crack, pure crack just in time for the happy holiday. guys, somebody please keep writing 'polfic so my substandard drivel doesn't show up here anymore.

warnings: past drug use, pointlessness, pete wentz.

( my best friend's a butcher, he has sixteen knives... )

Athens Five

Title: Athens Five
Author: Me!
Rating: PG-13 for booze, smoking and innuendo. F-bombs carefully culled!
Summary: In what may or may not be an epilogue to This Mess We're In, Sam settles into life in Georgia.
Pairing: A lot of Sam/Christy, a little Sam/Daniel.
Warning: Lies. Worse, unbeta-ed, pre-Valentine's Day lies. I own nothing. I am nothing.
Notes: In the spirit of the season, I wanted to kick out some fluff. Heavily influenced by and titled after Magnetic Morning's A.M. album, which is awesome.

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Title: Fucking Egomaniacs
Author: newyorkcares
Pairing: Carlos/Paul. Paulos? Carpaulos? Carpa(u)l Tunnel? My Pol lexicon is out of date.
Rating: NC-17.
Warning: Sexual situations and profanity, even if the latter's kind of a given.
Summary: Paul is faced with an opportunity he just can't refuse.
Disclaimer: Never happened, never will. I just got bored with it not happening and decided to fake like it did. Interpol belongs to themselves because slavery is illegal and I'm poor; don't sue.
A/N: I've never written fanfiction before, so be gentle. But not too gentle. Header format stolen shamelessly from the post below me (sorry, it just looked informative!).

Even when pressed, even when confronted (albeit by nothing but his own accusatory thoughts), Paul Banks does not know what the obsession is.Collapse )
hello my darlings, my pretties, my lovelies! christmas fics are up! a little late, but you know what they say about being late being better than never, right?

stories are, as usual, here:


(i will restore author names and summaries, etc. in due time, my pretties, never fear. but for now i would like to keep the story authors as mysterious as possible. as far as how that works out, seeing as there are like, six people in this fandom, period, well. in the spirit of christmas, it's the thought that counts. or something.

individual stories are as such:

(re)genesis - for vernal

four ways to a GSF - for sylunethesigher

all the lost, forgotten things - for realifehiatus

claire's horrors - for pneumatique

silent night, holy night - for fyrmaiden

dedicated follower of fashion - for enchanted_black

exile on manhattan - for mumblemutter

please remember to leave feedback for everyone, i will try my best to forward them to the original author!
hello, my pretties. i was thinking, and thinking that omgiwantmyfic, ahem ahem, so i thought perhaps that you guys should just send all your yuletide fic for me to read, um, perhaps, since holly had wanted to use noiinthreesome for posting the fics, perhaps maybe if you guys sent your fic to me to read, OMG, i'll help to do the posting! you know, for altruistic reasons and all.

if anyone's NOT completed their yuletide fic, IM me and we'll work something out! (also we might need a pinch hitter or so, anyone up to it also hit me up, plz.)

holly darling, i hope you get your internet access back soon!

A Proposal

At the risk of appearing too reactionary in the wake of the recent LJ staff shakeup, I am curious about where people stand as to creating an archive of this community. I have no opinion at this time as to where or how we would store such an archive if one were made, only that I would hate to see something happen to the community due to circumstances beyond our control.

Again, this may be much ado about nothing, but I'd like to hear people's thoughts on the matter all the same.