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hope everyone had a safe and wonderful New Years Eve! Mine was awesome thanks to the accompanyment of my HUMP PATROL

In addition to all the pictures we took, we made some videos as well. We made one esp. for our livejournal friends. i`ll send them ALL to you, if you leave me an email address. =P they are SO funny.

the princesses chillin` on their throne.. holla.

we like to call this one... `princest` ;)

chellie climbin up the slide

kimma and tay.. being... weird?

kimma and tay.. being... weird? ... again

chillin* @ the bottom of the slide. awee...

leap frog! chellie and tay

TAY IN ACTION! *oww oww*

kimma humping a tree

chellie poopin` on tays head!

tay and kimma humping jolly old saint nick.. he`s a happy one!

chellie pissin` on the snow man!

tay and chellie`s humping pole dance.

kimma and chellie in the grave yard stayin warm

chellie and tay humping a tombstone

tay and princess kimma being super woman in the cul de sac

chellie and kimma "dancing"... word.

chellie`s pacsun thong. oOh.

chellie humping tay!

kimma and tay hiding... tay`s flickin` off the camera

chellie chuggin!

kimma`s sexy baby blue boy cut undies ;)

tay chuggin!

chellie and tay bein` seductresses!

kimma and tay break dancin` in the guest bedroom!

tay huggin` the pimp dawwwg

chellie humping the pimp dawwwg

the pimp dawwwg doin` on his official pimp business!

kimma being a hooker

chellie and tay in a closet!

chellie and tay doing handstands against the wall

our power beads!

dancin` in the middle of the street @ night

kimma hidin`

more chellie bumb pole humping action!

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GO TAYLOR!! No one posts in here anymore. We should be, come on girls!! Lets see... boys suck! They really do. Me and kimma had a LONG talk last night. Damn them boys!! Yup... haha I dunno what to write! Ahhh I'm SUCH a loser. Go me. Alrighty then!!
much love to my girls!!

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OMG guys! NO ONE has written in here.. ahh not kewl. ps4L needsa have a reunion. we havent all been together since.. like omg forever. its so sad. I MISS YOU GUYS. *HUGS* well I LOVE ALL OF YOU. byeee<33
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Today all the porn stars - cum lover chellie, anal amanda, time to tickle tay tay, lick it up lauren and me... kink masta kimmie - hit up dolphin beach in montclair. it`s actually a man made lake with no waves, but that did not strip us of our fun ;D

at lunch time we hiked up to 7-11 and a pizza joint to get food since we`re growing girls. while waiting for our pizza, we sucked our sLurpees dry. feeling a bit hott and thirsty, we went back into 7-11 to get refills which we knew weren`t free. bad bad girls. anyway, the lady caught us and yelled at us in her funny chinese voice - i know your 'paces'. chess offered to pay, but the lady said no... just don`t do it again. oh well, i guess that`s her problem. and get this, i grabbed an extra cup because the bottom of my cup was soaked and about to leak slurpee all over the place, and the lady took it away and put it back after it was all up on my lemonade and around the corner. dirty dirty. she needs sex.

if that`s not enough, when we got back to the beach with our pizza all these raunchy ppl wanted some. these little boys with no balls attacked us and were sticking their greasy-grimey-dirty-butt-nasty fingers on our food. we gave them the smallest piece hoping to calm the annoying terds down... but no, they came back for more and wouldn`t leave us alone. so my ass decided to sit on top of the box. =) good lord, it`s experiences like that which make me not want kids, ever.


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All the porn *s went to dolphin beach today!! We had loads of fun! I'm in the blue and white flower hoochie suit *don't look at my huge ass or rolls*, Chess is in the white suit, Kimmie in orange, Amanda in pink n' black, and laur in the suit w/ shorts.

One of the only pics w/ laur in it! all smiles!!

me, chess, and amanda's bellie piercings!

chess wanted a shower pic!

blowin kissies! the only other one with laur in it!! she didn't want her pic taken. I have my back all arched and my arm behind it so its looks gay. o well!

sillin on my towel on the dolphin!! it was tooo hot for our porn * bums! don't look at my tummy *hides*

awhies! sooo cute!

SPIDERMAN!! ooo, don't I look evil? and my tummy looks big. gayness

our charlies angels pic!! o yes go us! I arch my back all the time *habit from orchestra. damn my good posture* so my tummy sticks out. I'm a loser, I know. Me evil look again!! o yes go me!

I like this pic! sooo cute!

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No one writes in here!! I'm gunna copy/paste my mall trip on here. 3 out of the 4 pron stars where there! KIMMIE was at a retreat so she couldn't go!

I had FUN last night!! Me, chess, laur, margo, jenny, josh, kyle, rick, rett, ian, matt, mike, and garrett went to the mall and movies. But mike and garrett didn't go to our movie, they are party poopers. We saw signs. So we got there, bought tickets and just walked around. I got a pretty cell phone cover and chess got bracelts. Garrett gave me two of his cuz he luvs me so! We went into the theater early so we could all sit near each other cuz it was opening day and the show was sold out. So we all sat in the back. My row was josh, me, chess, then kyle. Then everyone wasin front of us. We were bored so were bein loud, I mean really loud. It was fun!! Then some guy complained so we had to be good. Then in the middle of the movie the usher came up to us and said we had to go outside with him. We weren't the loud ones though!! So the lady behind us said we weren't bein loud and then he still took us outside. It was these guys that kept goin in and out of the theater. We didn't get in trouble so we just went back into the theater. I was scared so I held joshies hand and chessie held kyles. Soooo many people screamed in that movie. It was fun!! Then after the movie we met up with mike and garrett and went to get some food cuz we were sooo hungry!! Then we went to Vans and o man, we got garrett and mike sooo bad We bought silly string at the dollar store before they came cuz the last time we went to the mall with them they got us with silly string. So we got then to go outside and chess had mike and I had garrett. We got them sooo good. Good times. Then we went in but got bored so we went back outside. We were all actin gay n stuff. Fun times!! Then as people started to leave, me chess josh and kyle went to the other side of Vans to wait for kyle's sister. Chess and kyle were on one side of this thing and me and josh were on the other. I told chess to kiss kyle but she said he wouldn't let her. Then, me and josh... yea... it just... happened. But it wasn't a bad thing!! So uhm... yea...


pretty pretty princesses to porn stars... WE GREW UP!

today i woke up at a record breaking 9:oo and headed to the mall to meet chessie and tay tay from livejournal. i really didn`t have time to get ready, because we had to leave @ 9:3o, so my hair was bojanglin` all around the world! but it`s alright, because we spotted girls and GUYS with hair far more scarier than mine. =)

anyway, i`m not going to summarize the whole day, since we documented it with pictures... but, here are some things that are priceless, and were NOT caught on candid cam ;D

* getting kicked out of daffy`s because we were attempting to take pictures with the manicans. i think the guy was on his period or something cuz he went all psycho. OR maybe he just needs sex. yes, he definitley needs hott and spicy sex.
* getting yelled at by the spencer`s lady for trying to "borrow" the sponge bob sticker off the poster board. she needs sex too.
* the bitch with her panties in a twist at claire`s. we were all fully decked out in our combat gear - cowboy hats, belts, hott shades, feather boas and she has to bust us by saying "sorry, no flash photography allowed in this story". ew, she has ZERO friends.
* "hey mom... fine act like you dunno me!"
* let`s face it, me and chess are sooo BOOBALICIOUS! that`s why we can pull off britney spears tops and all.. *we win*
* ::silence @ "food court":: PENNNISS!!
* nothin` tops our candy necklaces and shoelaces!
* callin` out all the fuckers with staring problems, ugly pants, bad hair, walking disorders. <~ no one informed me it was "walk all slow infront of tay tay, chessie, and kimmie day!"
* this guy @ the "name cart" who was playing solitare every time we passed by... and NEVER won. speaking of looosers.... (that need sex) haha ;D

big feet = big _____ ? *giggle*

me and tay rockin` the hoochie tops we found @ urban planet

ohh look at tay`s guns... don`t hate on us - we`ll bust a cap in yo ghetto ass!

can`t touch this... me and tay`s bum bums

chessie and tay tay cheesin` in the hoochie tops! yay!

chessie and her boyfriend wiggly-worm... he`s soo sexy man!

me, chess, and our sodas, takin` a ride on the lego train

reminder :: we are THE BEST!

BEFORE we got kicked out of daffy`s ;D

double trouble... chess and tay`s ghetto booties!

SUBWAY... eat fresh! our bomb diggy meals... *cheeses*

tay and chess being pretty pretty princesses

baby got BACK! you know you wanna piece of that

shoot, you know how we do @ spencer gifts

chess and me are tay`s back up dancers cuz we love her!

our mugs chillin` on the lego capital steps... *field trip*

my new best friend, for only 12o.oo!

introducing "tay-ney spears" and her back up dancers...

tay in her pretty white dress, and me in size: hippopotomas dress... eww, XXL.

me and tay being patriotic! [bojanglin` hair strikes again...]

shoot, and i thought i was small... ;x

tay and chessie @ group USA

tay in her hot red convertible! only 5o cents a riiiide!

the 3 of us... doin` our thang

us with the viking... you know you want him bad...

pimpin` our hott kicks.... WORD!

chessie`s shoe... gotta love it! tay.. i still have your shoe lace on my arm.. ahhh! :x

so yes, the day was very fun indeed. i hope you enjoyed our little venture! princesses, we SOOO gotta do this again before school starts! ok?!?! :) so everyone out there, stay tuned for more...

xoxo- miss niggz <3