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Think you've got what we want?

Fill the app and find out

Pretty Girls
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All Members , Moderated

Welcome to Prettygirls_. This community was made by _imdutch and moderated by _imdutch and ill_be_damned. This is a rating community where we rate you based on your looks and your application. So fill out an application if you feel that you worthy enough to be part of our community.

1. Put "Am I Pretty Enough?" as your title so we know that you read the rules.
2. Put your application including your pictures behind and LJ-cut.
3. You MUST be 15 years or older. We don't want any imature kiddies in this community.
4. Do NOT comment on your application unless you are being asked a question.
5. Do NOT delete you application if you don't like our responses.
6. Don't bitch to us if you don't like the responses that your getting. This IS a rating community. If you can't deal with the critcisms don't join.
7. If you get rejected you can only reapply again ONCE. I mean if you get rejected twice get the point.
8. You need at least 25 votes to get stamped.
9. You MUST be a girl.
10. You may not post any other entries besides your application.

1. Post whatever you want in this community but put the word STAMPED on your entry so we know that you have been stamped.
2. You can promote anything in this community but you MUST promote us back at that community too. We WILL check.
3. Please be active.
4. Promote us
5. If your planning on leaving this community please tell us.

Copy and paste

Picture Challenge
You can pick any member you would like to challenge. Post at least 3 pictures or more and tell the reason why you want to challenge this particular person. The challenged member has 48 hours to post there pictures. The rest of the members vote by putting the name of the member they liked better. You may challenge both members and mods. If the challeneged member fails to post there pictures in 2 days then the challenger automaticlly wins. Winner gets 10 points.

Membership Challenge
You may NOT challenge Mods. This challenge is for those who think that any of our members are being inactive, fake or do not like. You may either challenge them by asking them to post pictures(up to 3 pictures), ask a question or promote prettygirls_. The challenged member has 72 hours to complete this. If the challenged member fails to do so after 72 hours they are kicked out the community and must reapply.

**When challenging a member you MUST put the name of the challenge as your title**

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