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Am I pretty enough?


<b><u>About You</b></u>
<b>[Name]</b> Britney King
<b>[Sex]</b>Female...and love it, well sometimes..lol
<b>[Location]</b>Cape Coral, Florida
<b>[Hobbies/Interest]</b>I love to sing, dance, shop (of course), go to the beach, and hag out wit frenz.....
<b>[Boyfriend/Girlfriend?]</b>Nope im currently single, i havent found my one true love yet
<b>[Actress]</b> Jen Garner and Mandy Moore(she is so sweet)
<b>[Actor]</b>Will Smith(total HOTTIE!!!!) and Vin Diesel
<b>[Singer/Band]</b>Britney Spears and Greenday, ilove music you can dance to
<b>[T.V Show]</b>Laguna Beach BABY!!!!!
<b>[Movie]</b>White Chicks<3 ultimate comedy of all time....it will defenitily make you laugh ALOT
<b>[Book]</b>A walk to Remember
<b>[Song]</b>"Beautiful Soul" Jesse Mcartney......That song is so romantic especially coming from a guy, if you havent heard it i highly recommend it
<b>[Food]</b>Chicken, Pizza, and doritos YUMMY
<b>[Drink]</b>I dont drink soda so ummm Pink Lemonade
<b>[Favorite store/clothing brand]</b>Aeropastle, American Eagle, Hollister, and Abercrombie
<b>[Favorite makeup brand]</b>Clinquie.....
<b>[Abortion]</b>I dont agree with it at all, i mean lets say you are a teen who gets pregnant and you decide you dont want the baby and want an abortion, I say no you took enough of the responsiblity to have sex so you are not gonna kill some innocent child, thats just my opinion i hope you agree!
<b>[God]</b>I strongly believe in God i go to church every Monday Night for small group, every wedsenday night, and every Sunday for Service!!! It defenitily can change your life and wanna make you believe you can do anything in the power of god<3
<b>[Gay Marriage]</b>Ummmm im not gay so im not really sure how to answer this question but If you are in love wit someone thats GREAT but you dont need marriage to prove your love
<b>[Suicide]</b>I have had at least one friend who has attempted suicide and in my personal experience it is so hard to go through, You feel like wat if i could have made a differences but i never took the oppurtunity!!! its really tough to watch one of your friends go through that, thats about all i have to say about that....srry it kinda makes me cry.
<b>[How did you find out about this community]</b>From searchin around
<b>[Why should we accept you?]</b>Because i believe i am pretty enough and not necessarily on the outside but on the inside i am because i am just an all amerivan girl who speaks her mind and loves to have a good time....hahaha i think that ryhmes!! lol
<b>[What is your best memory you can think of?]</b> Meeting my BFFL Ally, cause she gets me through everything and i dont know wat i would do with out her
<b>[What would you do or say if I called you a "BITCH"?]</b> Oh you better believe we would be fighting those are hatin words.....i would be like you wanna go.....you wanna go......uuuhhh hhuuuuuhhh......waaaaaaahhhhh......OOOO.......i got ya......BAMMM.....oh srry Calm down britney its only a question...sry i got carried away...hehehe
<b>[What is the meanest insult you gave to someone?]</b> EWWWWW
<b>[What is the meanest thing you've done to someone?]</b>Ummmmm i would always make fun of my best friends boyfriend...... i kno.......... i kno........i feel really bad now and i apologized but she did get really pissed at me, but hey i didnt like him
<b>[What do you like most about yourself?]</b>Thats i can speak the truth but be funny about it at the same time
<b>[Post 3 clear pictures of youself]</b>


<b>[Promote us to 2 communities and give us the links]</b>
Ummm im not sure how to do this so can you please help me????

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