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About You
[Name] Shannon
[Age] 16
[Sex] female
[Location] Saline, Michigan (right next to ann arbor
[Hobbies/Interest] stenciling,sewing...yeah I'm super demesticated, I'm kinda like a young martha stewart who smokes alot of pot and doesn't deal with stocks...
[Boyfriend/Girlfriend?] Yes, I have a wonderful boyfriend

[Actress] Anjelina Jolie
[Actor] Adrian Brodie, Idon't find him very attractive but he's an amazing actor
[Singer/Band] Idon't know I'm sort of all over the place I love old My Chemical Romance, Boys Night Out, U2, Sublime and the blood bros. are just some...
[T.V Show] any show that deals with plastic surgery, whenever ones on I sit there with my stepmom and watch it
[Movie] Hedwig and the angry inch, Spun
[Book] Outside Valentine
[Song] Right now probably American Girl by Tom Petty
[Food] anything italian, and frozen fruit
[Drink] Water/iced tea/smoothies

[Favorite store/clothing brand] I love just solid tee shirts and jeans(doll house) I also love forever 21
[Favorite makeup brand] Wet and Wild, it's so cheap and for a dollar I can make it work

[Abortion] Im pro-choice, but I don't think it should be taken lightly
[God] I think you should believe what you want but just don't shove those beliefs in other people's faces
[Gay Marriage] I'm for it I think it's awful a gay couple can be together for 50 years and if one were in the hospital dying the other couldn't see them because they aren't "family". Love is Love.
[Suicide] I think it's by far the most selfish thing anyone could ever do.

[How did you find out about this community] I was just going through random journals
[Why should we accept you?] Because I'm just so damn sexy and cool, 100% serious
[What is your best memory you can think of?] that's hard probably the summers 3rd-6th grade, I used to play ghost in the graveyard everynight with my bestfriends across the street barefoot. I miss being that little.
[What would you do or say if I called you a "BITCH"?] I'd have to whip out mine 9 and pop a cap.
[What is the meanest insult you gave to someone?] Oh god, I called my mom who used to be annorexic fat because we got in a huge fight. She's 5'1 and 105lbs so shes most def. not fat.
[What is the meanest thing you've done to someone?] I'm not sure, I'm not really a very mean person I just make fun of people for being stupid alot.
[What do you like most about yourself?] umm about my body I like my eyes and hair alot and my personality that I can adapt to any situation and I don't take myself too seriously(as you can tell by my pics.

[Post 3 clear pictures of youself]
Me looking like I'm picking my nose

Representing A-town

Me again

And now that we all know each other, my crotch

[Promote us to 2 communities and give us the links] I'll promote if I get accepted, sorry but I find it a waste of my time if I don't :)
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