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Oh no. she's not a secret now

About You
[Name] Laura

[Location]New York
[Hobbies/Interest] shopping, journalism, fashion, hanging out with friends, listening to music
[Boyfriend/Girlfriend?] yea named mike

<b>[Actress]</b> julia roberts, reese witherspoon, sarah jessica parker, cameron diaz, drew barrymore
<b>[Actor]</b> richard gere, adam sandler, adam brody, johnny depp
<b>[Singer/Band]</b>blink 182
<b>[T.V Show]</b>sex and the city, the o.c., the simple life, gilmore girls
<b>[Movie]</b>pretty woman, 16 candles, 50 first dates
<b>[Book]</b> Animal Farm
<b>[Song]</b> wild thing
<b>[Food]</b> rice and chicken caeser salad
<b>[Drink]</b> sherly temples and snapple

<b>[Favorite store/clothing brand]</b> american eagle and hollister
<b>[Favorite makeup brand]</b> covergirl/revoloun

<b>[Abortion]</b> it depends on the situation. i think everyone deserves a choice and its a very touchy subject
<b>[God]</b> i like to believe someone is watching over world and protecting each and everyone of us, and i think thats why other people follow the laws of the church etc.
<b>[Gay Marriage]</b>if u love someone, u love someone.  u shud be able to marry whomever u want
<b>[Suicide]</b>a bad decision.  i think its kinda pathetic.

<b>[How did you find out about this community]</b> interest searches on live journal
<b>[Why should we accept you?]</b> i like these kind of community's.  they are fun and the people are honest.  i can contribute and will be active.
<b>[What is your best memory you can think of?]</b> my best memories are from when i was little and i use to climb in the tree in my front yard and just sit up there.  when ur little life is so simple and now life is complicated. 
<b>[What would you do or say if I called you a "BITCH"?]</b> thats your opinion.  i could also think the same of you.
<b>[What is the meanest insult you gave to someone?]</b>i once called my friend swallow and stupid.  but other than that i try to be nice to everyone.  as long as ur nice to me
<b>[What is the meanest thing you've done to someone?]</b> i guess when i  was little and i threw my barbie car at my brother and made his face bleed.  but  i was like 5
<b>[What do you like most about yourself?]</b> i'm very dynamic.

<b>[Post 3 clear pictures of youself]</b>

heres a silly one=me and a cupcake= with 17 candles on it

<b>[Promote us to 2 communities and give us the links]</b>



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