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oops did you know if you copy the application from the user info section.. it leaves out the "opinion section".. therefore i'm adding that on.. sorry ladies!

[Abortion] I personally don't promote abortion and think it is the wrong thing to do because if a girl gets herself into the position of being pregnant she should handle her mistake.. BUT there are always circumstances in which abortion may be a good decision such as rape, risk of death, etc.
[God] God's great lol. Some people don't believe in him, other's don't think he is that great but I do. It's probably because of my catholic background and the way I was raised. It would be so looked down upon in my family if someone ever said "I don't believe in God".. so even though I'm don't go to church every sunday or pray every night -- he exists.
[Gay Marriage] I'm not a supporter of gay marriage; I personally don't see how a person can love a person of the same sex.. BUT if that's who they love and how they can be happy than so be it. Every person should be happy and in love no matter who they are loving or being happy with. It really isn't up to the person's family, friends, or even society to choose a soulmate for them. It shouldn't be outlawed for two same-sex people to get married.
[Suicide] Touchy subject for me. I have had friends who attempted it; some successful others not. It has crossed my mind before, but I am too much of a chicken to go thru with it therefore for me it's just an idea, never an attempted thought.

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