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am i pretty enough?

About You
[Name] susan
[Age] sixteen [as of today =)]
[Sex] female
[Location] rockland county, ny
[Hobbies/Interest] sleeping, dancing, singing, acting, cheerleading, tennis, shopping, movies, mall, my friends, driving, etc.
[Boyfriend/Girlfriend?] nope, pimpin' it

[Actress] kirsten dunst, halle berry, jennifer aniston, and julia roberts
[Actor] chad michael murray, george clooney, brad pitt, and adam sandler
[Singer/Band] yellowcard, kelly clarkson, something corporate, story of the year, sugarcult, ryan cabrera, and ashlee simpson
[T.V. Show] one tree hill, life as we know it, laguna beach, real world, battle of the sexes 2, gilmore girls
[Movie] 10 things i hate about you, dirty dancing, butterfly effect, gothika, mean girls, etc.
[Book] speak+catalyst by laurie halse anderson; kindred by octavia e. butler; and when dad killed mom by julius lester
[Song]at the moment -- "since you've been gone" and "because of you" by kelly clarkson and "space" by something corporate
[Food] anything homecooked, italian, mexican, spicy, or chinese lol
[Drink] pepsi twist, milk [in love with it], and iced tea

[Favorite store/clothing brand] hollister, ae, aero, express, forever 21, etc.
[Favorite makeup brand] revlon, clinque, maybelline, covergirl, etc.

[How did you find out about this community] someone left a promo in my livejournal
[Why should we accept you?] because i'd like to think i'm a pretty girl, not only on the outside, but on the inside as well.. i think i possess some qualities that could be useful in your community, and i'm just a fun girl to get to know.. plus it's my birthday =)
[What is your best memory you can think of?] anytime i go on vacation is amazing [ex: cancun, mexico in 2003 and dominican republic in 2004] -- other than that, end of august 2004 going to six flags with the first love of my life sebastian; just spending the day together, going on roller coasters, holding hands, winning stuffed animals for me... was amazing [unfortunately we broke up and it was messy so we haven't spoken in nearly four months]
[What would you do or say if I called you a "BITCH"?] i would say thank you because i know certainly at times i deserve to be called one cause i can be.. but on the other hand, i don't take what people think of me to heart because only my own opinion truly matters
[What is the meanest insult you gave to someone?] when i told this kid named todd from my child psychology class last year that my mom had skin cancer he told me he didn't give a fuck and that he hoped she died.. luckily she didn't and is fine.. but that hurt my feelings deeply
[What is the meanest thing you've done to someone?] just judging people before i even knew them.. and then being proved wrong and feeling stupid because that person is actually something other than what i thought
[What do you like most about yourself?] my sense of humor; i think im hilarious and i can brighten almost anyones day when they are upset [except my own! lol]

[Post 3 clear pictures of youself] my computer is rejecting photobucket temporarily for some odd reason but i think i deleted something important out of my computer.. therefore i hope you don't mind links [so sorry i know it can be a pain]

just me
me on the left
me on the right
me on the left

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