December 22nd, 2004

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im going to be away in canada for 5 days starting the 24th. so i wont have the time to update the members page but i might be around the vote if we get any applicants. ill_be_damned will still be stamping members. so ill talk to you guys when i get back in the 29th.

im desperatly trying to make a new layout but my computer has a fucking virus and IE isnt really working too well. it took me forever just to get to this page and update. hopefully i can find some way to get ride of it or ill have to smash my computer.


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italian love


idk how to spell yea me and _imdutch_imdutch</span> decided to make piercingsilence</span> a co-mod bc she fucking rules and we love her lolz. so yeah stephanie...your now our co-mod. xD

and by the way: jordan_brooke</span> we need a picutre of just you so we can put it on the members page.. kthnx
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    on the fone wit evee xD