December 21st, 2004





importgurlie -- i fucking love it how people take there time out to fill out the application and then when people give there opinions they bitch about how they dont care. well if you didnt care then why make such a big deal about it? and only a few people said no too! ur 29 fucking years old i would of though that you would understand the concept of a RATING COMMUNITY.
ymakodzeba for deleting her application. this just proves some people cant take a few no's


loven_him_0x you have until tonite to post you pictures. if you dont you lose.

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I'm sorrie i haven't updated in soo long. I'll post pictures when i get back, i'm going to inactive for about 2 week's, i'm going to minnesota to visit my dad for christmas.

i hope u all have a WONDERFUL christmas <3
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STAMPED//I'm here

I am soo sorry about my lack of inactivity. My computer got a virus and we had to completely shut it down so I lost everything. But I'm back and I'm gonna go back and vote and all the stuff I need to do. Sorry again!!! ♥