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Am I pretty enough?

About You
[Name] Adena
[Age] 22
[Sex] Female
[Location] Millersville, PA at the moment (in lancaster – Amish Country)
[Hobbies/Interest] Art (painting, sketching, crafty things), Movies movies movies, video games, computer stuff/internet stuff like livejournaling 3 times a day or so, homework (kidding), puzzles and brainteasers.
My favorite painting (of mine):

[Boyfriend/Girlfriend?] I’ll just show you:

He’s awesome, and I love him.

[Actress] Sandra Bullock probably. I have a thing for romantic comedies, and her goofy personality reminds me of me… So I enjoy watching movies with her in them.
[Actor] I always used to say Dustin Hoffman, because he is a great actor, but he hasn’t been in anything I’ve liked lately – so maybe Johnny Depp, Kevin Spacey, and Mel Gibson is always good.
[Singer/Band] I’m a big fan of female vocalists (Tori, Ani, Fiona, Cardigans, Dido, Lisa Loeb Etc.), and a big fan of classic rock (Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Beatles etc), but I also love some heavier stuff such as NIN.
[T.V Show] Right now I’m pretty into Lost, but usually it’s between The Simpsons, Frasier, and whatever drama (alias, 24 etc) is occupying my time.
[Movie] It’s a long standing thing between one of my friends and I that Billy Madison is our movie of choice, but that doesn’t represent my other movie likes. My other faves include Shawshenk Redemption, Moulin Rouge, American Beauty, the Harry Potter series, and Amelie
[Book] Anything by Dean Koontz, The Sandman – neil gaiman, The Watchmen – Alan Moore, Other assorted graphic novels.
[Song] Tough Question… right now it’s probably D’yer M’ker by Zeppelin (the one that goes “oh oh oh oh…you don’t have to go….” Or “Flowers in the Window” by Travis
[Food] baked mac and cheese, new york style chocolate eclairs, and tostado nachos
[Drink] apple martinis or medouri sours, also shirley temples

[Favorite store/clothing brand] probably hot topic because of all the cartoon and video games shirts, but most of my clothing is old navy because it doesn’t cost much.
[Favorite makeup brand] new york company, nice cheap eyeliners , and maybeline for any face makeup.

[Abortion] I probably wouldn’t be able to, but it’s a woman’s choice.
[God] Don’t really know – open-minded about the subject though.
[Gay Marriage] My best friend is gay, and I’m up for anybody getting together if they love each other.
[Suicide] I understand why people would think their life wasn’t good enough, but teen suicide is pretty sad, considering Everything gets better after high school - for those who aren’t happy in high school. If only they could make it through. I do understand what it’s like to be depressed though, I would just like to tell someone suicidal that it will get better.

[How did you find out about this community] I found a picture of someone in it in a random lj image generator, so I clicked the link.
[Why should we accept you?] because I’m unique, and I bring a different opinion to a community, and I’m really good at rating girls.
[What is your best memory you can think of?] probably something love related. Specific sentence such as “I don’t understand why people worry about heaven when there are moments like this.” So sweet – made me cry.
[What would you do or say if I called you a "BITCH"] I’d say you have absolutely no reason to do that, because I’m not a mean person.
[What is the meanest insult you gave to someone] this is a long story – but there was this really really annoying kid in high school – one of those guys who laughs at all the wrong things and makes fun of everything that is not funny. For halloween, I put on cat makeup and he said “No, Adena ,No!” like what I did was so stupid and pathetic. So he was wearing his suit for a band thing, and nothing halloween-related. I walked up to him and said “I didn’t know you were being a (insert really awful word here that I have never ever used again and won’t say again) for halloween.”
[What is the meanest thing you've done to someone] I was also pretty evil about boys in high school and dumped one guy for his best friend. The first guy even moved away because of it. It was a long, long time ago… Since then I’ve had a four year relationship in which I never even looked at anyone else (not the guy I’m wish now though, because that one decided that I wasn’t the one)

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