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We are closed and will NOT be accepting any new applicants.

this is a rating community, not on looks, but inner beauty.
be sure to read the rules before applying.

01. please post your application within 48 hours of joining.

02. never delete your application. If you get rejected, just try re-applying, or just leave the community.

03. you're only allowed to post comments within your application, until you're accepted. posting outside of your application will lead to being banned.

04. if you're rejected, you can re-apply in 2 days. if you post a new application before that, it will be deleted.

05. rude comments to members is not allowed. if someone says no to you, it doesn't mean you get to yell at them.

06. being stamped can take from 3-7 days, so please don't start voting till you're accepted. this means the main mod or if needed a co-mod will stamp you offically with a banner saying whether you've been accepted or not!

07. make sure your application is always behind an lj-cut, & never use the rich text format with the application.

08. in your application please don't put short and rushed answers, we enjoy long, thoughtout applications a lot, since if you make them short we are bound to bombard you with questions. just please put time in them, since we will take the time to read them too.

09. to the question: "did you read the rules?" put "love me for inner beauty".

01. promote as much as possible. having this place active is always a good thing.

02. random posts are currently allowed three times a week, but this does not include picture posts, which are allowed whenever.

03. when voting on someone, you're not allowed to say no because of how they look. pictures in the application are only there to put a face to the application! or their age. this will result in being banned.

04. being rude to anyone in the community isnt allowed. when voting on someone and you don't like them, simply say no. also, dont say "because I didn't like you <- I don't want to see anyone using that excuse either. it's either a simple no.. or no and then what you didnt like about the application, but in a fair manner, and please no "."'s either!! if they take the time to fill out the application the least we can do is give them some reason to why we voted the way we did.

05. we do not vote on grammar and typos, please leave your pet peeves for these out of the voting process.

06. promoting other communties is not allowed, unless it's pre-approved by one of the mods.

07. if you're going to be inactive or have to leave for a while, please leave a comment in this post saying so.

08. when voting on new applicants, please put the YES or NO vote in the subject line. it makes it easier to count votes.

09. when making posts, be sure to put "STAMPED" in the subject line. If not, I may delete your post, because you're breaking rules. so please remember that.

do not use this application, use the copy & paste version below this, and do NOT use the rich text when posting, it fucks up the html and drives me insane.

relationship status:
read the rules?
top 5 favorite bands/groups/singers:
top 5 favorite movies:
top 3 favorite books:
favorite actor(s):
favorite actress(es):
something about you that's rather interesting:
tell us about your friends:

how do you feel about these topics... and why?
teen pregnancy:
drug use and abuse:
gay marriage:
quitting school:
eating disorders:

have you ever
cheated on someone:
lied to someone you love:
watched porn:
stolen something:
kissed someone of the same sex:
thought about suicide:

promote this community somewhere, and give us proof:

were you referred by someone? or found our community posted in another journal/community? if so, where?

post one clear picture of you. (this is only to put a face to the application - no voting on this part permitted!!)

The Application is in a copy/paste version below, so that the questions will be bolded for you. so please use the version below, there is already a lj-cut in it for you as well. :)

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past pretty girls/members

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Theme #14 - Post pictures of your favorite/dream car(s)!


Theme #1 - Shocked face
Theme #2 - Hats & Hoodies
Theme #3 - Halloween
Theme #4 - Funny Faces
Theme #5 - Now & Then. Post recent and baby pictures of you.
Theme #6 - Kissy faces
Theme #7 - things you love
Theme #8 - santa/elf hats
Theme #9 - New Year's Resolutions/Goals Signs
Theme #10 - Valentines {post anything v-day related}
Theme #11 - Post pictures of people, poems and quotes, songs, or anything that inspires you.
Theme #12 - Post about a vacation/trip/daytrip that you loved. Include pics too if you want to!
Theme #13 - Post pics of your room/dorm room/house!

stay active, and join in on our topic of the month. feel free to join in all of the topics, each topic will stay open, for all new users to take part in.


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colorguardangel & lady_katen_666
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