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sexuality:female [ straight ]
relationship status: single :[
read the rules? love me for inner beauty
top 5 favorite bands/groups/singers:
01.christina aguilera
top 5 favorite movies:
01. Coach Carter
02. Napoleon Dynamite
03. Honey
04. Save The Last Dance
05. i-Robot
top 3 favorite books:
01.Enders Game
favorite actor(s):Rob Brown; Will Smith; Samuel Jackson; Ben Affleck
favorite actress(es):Liv Tyler; Halle Berry; Julia Roberts; Jennifer Lopez;
something about you that's rather interesting:I love to act and I have performed on the same stage as Kathryn Hepburn.
tell us about your friends:: My friends are the kind of people who if someone wants to fight you they will be like "Im
jumping in". They always have my back even when I dont realize it. They listen to me and care about my feelings and what I have to say. They like me for who I am and I wouldn't have it anyother way.

your views on..
religion:Religion is a big issue with my family. My mom is religious,but my father is not. I am episcipalian. Last year I
had a problem with religion because truthfull, I didn't really think God exist. I do now. I am not religious to the point
that I base all my actions on him. For example I wont be like " Im sorry I can't go. God wouldn't approve". I go to church and believe in him. That's all I can contribute to him.

teen pregnancy:I always hear from everyone " Dont have sex it will leave you consquences" and it does. I believe that teen pregnacy does not ruin your life. I think that it is another addition to it. Yes, you are young and dont know how to raise a child, but you have to learn somehow.

abortion: I am fully against it. I could see if you were raped, but if you did the deed, you should live with the consquences. Some people say that the child can't even feel it since it isn't bored yet. But they can becasue they are alive just in the mother's stomach. I think takeing someones life away just because you made a mistake is wrong.

drug use and abuse:I have watched many people throw their lives away because of drugs. They always say one more hit thats all i promise. Then they move on to bigger and worse drugs. It hurts to see the people you love doing this to themselves. Its addicting and when they first try it they just don't know it till its too late. I am against drugs. There're much more easier ways to throw your life away ..

gay marriage:I have nothing against it. I dont think someone should be judged upon just because of who they love. Put yourself in their position ? See what they go through. I think it should be legal in all states. Someone can't help who they love or like. It's natural.

suicide:I don't know what to think about it, yes this probaly does sound dumb. No one that I have known has experienced it. I have read about it though. It's sad. Most of the stories i have read are about teenagers who felt like they were alone in the world or killed themselves because of what someone said to them. That's why I try to watch what i say before i say it.

quitting school: I know a lot of people who have dropped out. Most of them are comeing back though. I wouldnever drop out because most jobs do not accept people without their highsschool diplomas. I think it's easier to finish it out because it will pay off.

eating disorders:I have experienced this. Someone called me fat and I was dumb enough to believe them. So i went on this diet, but it was more of a fasting. Then i watched a movie and I thought that's not how i wanna end up. If you know someone who is experienceing this, trust me even if they say they don't want your help, really they do.

self-harm:self-harm: I think someone who is harming themselves needs help. They probaly have a lot of problems and think thats the only way to fix them when really it isn't. Cutting is a huge problem at our school. I read this book called Cut and it explained to me about why people do it. My friend used to do it and i told her that hurting herself only creates more problems so i tried to get her help. Yes we talk less now, but at least i know she is safe and doing better.

have you ever
cheated on someone:nope
lied to someone you love:yes, and i regret it.
watched porn: nope can't say i have.
stolen something: nope
kissed someone of the same sex: on the cheek.
thought about suicide:no i haven't.

promote this community somewhere, and give us proof:

were you referred by someone? or found our community posted in another journal/community? if so, where? under interests.

post atleast two, no more than 4, pictures of you. clear pictures.

thats me jokeing aroudn with my friends.

i forget what i was doing, but i cant find the good ones of me.

thats me !

im on the left sleeping. that otherone is my really good friend kt.

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