lora luck (recklessrex) wrote in prettyenough___,
lora luck


name: Laura
age: 19
location:Nova Scotia, Canada
sexuality: bi
relationship status: Long Term relationship
read the rules? love me for inner beauty
top 5 favorite bands/groups/singers:
01.The Clash
02.My Chemical Romance
03.Broken Social Scene
top 5 favorite movies:
01.Igby Goes Down
02.SLC! Punk
03.Edward Scissor Hands
04.The Godfather
05.Ghost World
top 3 favorite books:
01.The Great Gatsby
02.The Death of Ivan Ilyiach
03.Hey Nostradamus
favorite actor(s): none, really.
favorite actress(es): ditto.
something about you that's rather interesting:I have an uncanny ability for remembering conversations, song lyrics, plays, really any sort of audio information.
tell us about your friends:My friends are a bunch of quirky creatie stay up all night wanderers, thinkers, and lover of people and ideas. They like books, music, pretty things and funny incidents.

your views on..
religion:I believe in God, but like most people organized religion isn't turning my crank. I like theological ideas and their philospohical connatations and find them really interesting. Attending a specific church is not something I do, however.
teen pregnancy:It makes you grow up really fast. You trade in a lot of typical teenage experiences for ones most people don't have until they're 30.
abortion: I want a woman to have the right to choose, but I don't want her to think abortion is the only choice.
drug use and abuse: I do some drugs. And I've abused some drugs. It's a very fine line.
gay marriage:Love is love, no matter who is doing it.
suicide:It's not a real option.
quitting school: The basic knowledge that comes from high school, whether in the classroom or through interactions with your peers will help you in life.It sounds really trite, but it's true.
eating disorders: Heartbreaking.
self-harm: Sometimes necessary when you're on your way to healing.

have you ever
cheated on someone:Never.
lied to someone you love: Yes.
watched porn: Yes.
stolen something: Yes.
kissed someone of the same sex:Yes.
thought about suicide:Yes.

promote this community somewhere, and give us proof:http://www.livejournal.com/users/recklessrex/114382.html

were you referred by someone? or found our community posted in another journal/community? if so, where? The Ukings lj community.

post atleast two, no more than 4, pictures of you. clear pictures.

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