to say goodbye ... (all_the_piecez) wrote in preps_only__,
to say goodbye ...


Name: emily tarallo

Age: thirteen
Grade: 8th
State: florida
Occupation(school, job, etc.): student - indian ridge middle & dancer at stellas dancers studio
Status: single. :(

Favorites -

Shirt: hollister polo
Skirt: jean skirt - hollister.
Pair of jeans: low rise favorite flare jeans - american eagle
Jacket: sabrina cropped denim jacket - abercrombie & fitch
Outfit: beige baggy capris & polo shirt - hollister
Store(s)othing Brand(s): american eagle , abercombie & fitch , hollister
Cosmetic brand: MAC, urban decay
Band(s)/Artist(s): Ashlee Simpson, Britney Spears , NFG , avril lavigne , switchfoot , basically anything on the radio =]

Simple Things -

What clique are you in?: preps
Why do you want to join?: because it looked cool :)
Where did you hear about us?: i was browsing through someones journal and .. i found you !

ill have pics for u soon .. but heres the basics :)

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