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the new _preppy_pink_

Preppy Pink
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Welcome to a

mature community, where immaturity is not accepted!

Preppy Pink is a

community where we share pictures, have fun with themes, vote, promote and stay

active. Please join our community, and when you do, don't forget to fill out an

application (which is below). When you apply, you will be judged on personality

and looks. We do not accept "Fake Applicants" here, so please

do not waste our time. We hope you join and we hope you enjoy what the community

has to offer you! Do not apply to this community if you aren't serious. All

applicants should put 100% effort into their application. This is a rating

community, so if you can't handle being rated upon, then this community is

simply not for you :)

1) When you join

the community, you must add the community as a friend as well.

2) If a stamped member says something you don't like or disagree with, don't

whine and cry about it. You'll more than likely end up banned.

3) Your application must be under a lj-cut.

application code (below) please do not remove it.

4) If you get rejected, you can re-apply in a week. Just rethink your

application and possiby use new pictures. If you get rejected twice, don't

bother re-applying. You're just not what we're looking for.

5) Age limit for new applicants is 14. Don't even try to apply if you're

under 14, you'll get rejected.

6) Do not change any part of your application after applying. (Unless you are

having trouble with your lj-cut)

7) You MUST have pictures in your application. No application will be

rated unless you have pictures. Do not apply if you don't have pictures. Wait

until you get some and then apply.

1) You're

expected to stay active in the community. Please let us know if your going to be


2) Put some form of yes or no in the subject line when voting. It's easier to

count the votes that way.

3) Put reasons for voting 'yes' or 'no'. No reasons (or not enough

reasons)  will get you a warning. Simply saying "because your

pretty" does not count.

4) Keep the community active by posting pictures and things like that. Remember

- all pictures under an lj-cut!

5) Promote once in a while. It lets us know others that we are around, and shows

your proud of being in this community.

6) Promoting in this community is allowed, but only if it's under an lj-cut.

Your post will be deleted if the promotion doesn't follow the rules.

7) Do not ask an applicant to change their application. The only thing you can

ask them to do is add more pictures or try to sway you in a replied comment.

8) Do not judge an application if there are no pictures. There is a rules above

that the applications MUST have pictures on them.

The theme at the

moment is this years Halloween costume.






Single or taken:

Favorite preppy outfit (description and/or picture):

Hobbies, interests, and activities:

♥The Preppy Pink Alphabet♥

For each letter of the alphabet below, we

have a word starting with that letter that

we want you to tell us more about (with info

about you and your opinions!) you don't have

to write a paragraph, but be creative!

A - Abortion:

B - Band listening to right now:

C - Child abuse:

D - Dream life:

E - Easiest school subject:

F - Favorite band(s):

G - Goals:

H - Horrible movies:

I - Instruments:

J - Joints smoked:

K - Kiss (age of first kiss):

L - Links where you promoted us (using a banner):

M - MTV or VH1:

N - Nicknames:

O - One wish:

P - Phobia[s]:

Q - Quote:

R - Rumors:

S - Sports:

T - Teenagers and alcohol/drugs:

U - Unknown fact about you:

V - Vegetable you hate:

W - Worst habit(s):

X - X-rays you've had:

Y - Yummy food:

Z - Zodiac sign:

♥Post at least 3 (can be more) CLEAR pictures of you♥

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

use these banners to promote us in your journal and other places in LJ

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com




**Community Banner Makers**

numberone18 and eyes_of_orion