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Name: Catherine

Age: 15

Location: Matthews, NC

Birthday: November 18th

Single or taken: single

Favorite preppy outfit (description and/or picture):

Hobbies, interests, and activities:

competitive cheerleading, school varsity and competive cheerleading team, basketball, hanging out with friends, mall, beach, movies

♥Post at least 3 (can be more) CLEAR pictures of you♥

[ brown dress, next to the in teal ]

[ born texan baby ]

I am the new girly in the Blog ;o)

I am a new user and here something about me:
 Name: Natalia (can tell me Mali like my friends)
 Age: Big Girl
Location: Santa Cruz (South America City)
Single or taking: Single
Favorite preppy outfit (description or picture):

 Hobbies, interests and activities: I love make shoppings, paint, read books, watch movies, eat pop corns. My interests are fashion clothes, purses, make up, gliter. Activities: I have my own webcam page 24/7, I love to work (Iam architect and designer)

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Co-Mod Post.

Hey everyone.

Im sorry this Community is dieing. is dead. && it's my fault because I was the one who screwed up the Mod powers in the first place.. so Im sorry everyone.

I feel like I should leave. I have no time for barely anything anymoe but school.

Im leaving the Community with Sarah && Meg* Hopefully we'll still keep in touch<3

I loved this Community while it lasted.. and if anyone wants to add me. Go ahead. Feel free.. i just dont promise many updates.

Thanks for everything.


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It was fun while it lasted

I liked this community a lot and all the people here are really friendly but it's just not for me because it's not as active as I'd like and I don't have much in common with most of the people here. I'm just the type of person who gets annoyed when applicants type lyk dis!!111 (or some variation of that) and whenever I point that out, I come across as rude. I don't really want to make enemies when I don't have to, especially not over the internet so I think it's best if I left this community.


Have fun everyone!