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Preppy Pink

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[Thu, Apr 20th, 06 @ 8:37pm]

Name: Catherine

Age: 15

Location: Matthews, NC

Birthday: November 18th

Single or taken: single

Favorite preppy outfit (description and/or picture):

Hobbies, interests, and activities:

competitive cheerleading, school varsity and competive cheerleading team, basketball, hanging out with friends, mall, beach, movies

♥Post at least 3 (can be more) CLEAR pictures of you♥

[ brown dress, next to the in teal ]

[ born texan baby ]

I wanna be loved by you

[Sun, Mar 5th, 06 @ 2:08pm]


Hey everyone! I just wanted to
invite you all to P-I-N-K-I-C-E!

We are celebrating our 1st
birthday very soon, so please come and join the fun!

Please join and fill out an application =D

JOIN p_i_n_k_i_c_e NOW!

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I am the new girly in the Blog ;o) [Sun, Feb 26th, 06 @ 12:58am]
[ mood | flirty ]

I am a new user and here something about me:
 Name: Natalia (can tell me Mali like my friends)
 Age: Big Girl
Location: Santa Cruz (South America City)
Single or taking: Single
Favorite preppy outfit (description or picture):

 Hobbies, interests and activities: I love make shoppings, paint, read books, watch movies, eat pop corns. My interests are fashion clothes, purses, make up, gliter. Activities: I have my own webcam page 24/7, I love to work (Iam architect and designer)

I wanna be loved by you

[Sat, Dec 17th, 05 @ 11:26pm]


Hey guys! So it's been a while since I've done a picture post. I'm over at my friends house, and we just baked cupcakes. I'm not sure how many points I get for this, but yeah, enjoy! Please forgive the dumbass commentary. It's been a long day. Comments would be nice.


This way to the promised land.Collapse )

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Co-Mod Post. [Tue, Nov 15th, 05 @ 3:53pm]

[ mood | *sigh@life* ]

Hey everyone.

Im sorry this Community is dieing. is dead. && it's my fault because I was the one who screwed up the Mod powers in the first place.. so Im sorry everyone.

I feel like I should leave. I have no time for barely anything anymoe but school.

Im leaving the Community with Sarah && Meg* Hopefully we'll still keep in touch<3

I loved this Community while it lasted.. and if anyone wants to add me. Go ahead. Feel free.. i just dont promise many updates.

Thanks for everything.


I wanna be loved by you

It was fun while it lasted [Sat, Nov 12th, 05 @ 5:31pm]


I liked this community a lot and all the people here are really friendly but it's just not for me because it's not as active as I'd like and I don't have much in common with most of the people here. I'm just the type of person who gets annoyed when applicants type lyk dis!!111 (or some variation of that) and whenever I point that out, I come across as rude. I don't really want to make enemies when I don't have to, especially not over the internet so I think it's best if I left this community.


Have fun everyone!

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[Fri, Nov 11th, 05 @ 6:35pm]


applicationCollapse )

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promotion [Tue, Oct 25th, 05 @ 10:59pm]

this community is awesome!Collapse )
I wanna be loved by you

new [Tue, Oct 25th, 05 @ 7:11pm]


application, lovelies♥Collapse )
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Pictures! [Sun, Oct 16th, 05 @ 11:52pm]


It was my homecoming yesterday! (and today's my birthday :))
So here are some pictures from before the dance!
Pics ♥Collapse )

Hope you all had a great weekend too!

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Hey! [Sun, Oct 9th, 05 @ 12:04pm]

[ mood | content ]

Hey guys, its been forever since i'v been on here. Super busy with school,volleyball,football games and might I add me and Neil are once again a couple. :) Very sweet acutally, b.c i new he was going to ask me back out and at the football game everyone just kept turning and watching and looking at me b.c he came and sat behind me and i waited and waited, then finally i laid my head back on his lap and said i alreayd know what your going to ask so yes. She smiled so big!!! But knowing me i'll freak out like every other time and break up with him a week later..i think i have some issues with relationships i need to work out. Lke one minate hes all i can think about then the next i'm like why would i even think that or somthing...this weird i freak my own self out sometimes..:( but anyways, schools as boring as usal nothing new there. Vooleyball we kicked some serious ace the other night agienst Brisco! So heck yes! lol. Well, I need to run i'll prolly try to find a new layout my new obesseion is Adurey Hepburn. I got some cute icons and i think i'm gonna look for a backround! Well is you have any ideas please tell me! Thanks! Lots and Lots of Love!


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[Sat, Sep 24th, 05 @ 3:33pm]

Birthday ShoppingCollapse )
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[Sun, Sep 18th, 05 @ 9:45pm]


Hey girls! So I haven't posted in a while, so I thought I'd post some pictures from my best friend's birthday dinner! Enjoy


Last nightCollapse )

It was a pretty fun night! Hope everything's going well for everyone!

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[Sat, Sep 3rd, 05 @ 10:09pm]

I just wanted to say . . . Nordstrom is awesome because I scored a Kate Spade bag originally costing $180 for $90.
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[Fri, Sep 2nd, 05 @ 7:47am]

Hey girls sorry I haven't been active FCCLA has me so busy and Track.. School is going great!! Oh and I need some new friends on my list so if any yall wanna add me your more then welcome to I will sure add you back.. And comment every other day I can.. Well guess im gone.
Love yall..
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[Wed, Aug 31st, 05 @ 7:35pm]

I'm pretty much posting the same thing as the poster below me. If you wanna add me, go ahead and I'll add you back :)
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[Mon, Aug 29th, 05 @ 4:48pm]

Hey everybody!
I have a few people from this community on my friends list and I really like them=) So if anybody from here wants me to add me tell me and I'll add you back! =)
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confused [Mon, Aug 29th, 05 @ 2:05am]

i was a member of the old preppy pink communitie but i have changed my username...it used to be playdoeplease..i am still a member correct?

loveee much<3
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[Sat, Aug 27th, 05 @ 7:48pm]

Hey does anyone know wherei can get some like cute lay outs for my journal??? Really looking for Laguna Beach or somthing preppy. Post a comment if you know of any!! thx lots!!

Love Always,
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Hey Preppy Pink members! [Fri, Aug 26th, 05 @ 6:13pm]

[ mood | irritated ]

Hey chickas!! Hows it goin? Lord i'v been so busy with volleyball and we even won our FIRST game! loli was so happy..though...my coach ( such a bia) put me in for 5 minuates i washappy for my team and the girls she let play over and over again. I'm pretty much pissed. But i'm just trying to bite my lip and not talk abck..lol well i'm gonna go ttyl buhbye!

Oh yeah i need some more friends on my list, i dont know a lot of ppl on livejournal but megan :P so if you dont mind if anyone wants to add me feel free i'd really like it! ;) thankz!

Love ALways,

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