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premier amour

first love

First Love- A JRock Roleplay
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Welcome to premier amour!

As some may know, premier amour is French for first love.

Premier amour is a Yaoi [boy x boy love] JRock AU [Alternate Universe] Role Play. It takes place at an all-boys boarding school, grades nine through twelve. It's all about gay high school drama here. Romance, angst, schoolwork, sports, teenage insanity--it all applies here.


Dir en grey
Die--student-- OPEN
Kaoru--student--lost_kaoru--AIM: deviateddream
Shinya--student--miyu_is_god--AIM: mutare01, propheticanon
Toshiya--student--gundamania--AIM: pixiekun
Kyo--student-- kyotospride-- AIM: PuraTuriAkira

Malice Mizer
Mana--student--mana_symphonie--AIM: lvloimememoitie
Kozi--student-- imai_kojiro--AIM: kozinokotaishi

Moi dix Mois
Juka-- Student-- apaintersfury-- AIM: Apaintersfury
Kazuno-- Student-- black_mystery-- AIM: Teh x Groupie
Mana-- See Malice Mizer

Missalina Rei
Arisu--student--arisugawaarisu--AIM: igyouhime

Izam--student--aqua_lover--AIM: nigaiamaihime

Hizumi--student--maverick_beast--AIM: manekinko
Zero--student--__zer0--AIM: controlxerror

Psycho le Cemu

Aya--Math Teacher-- pinkie_chan AIM: Native Stars

Luna Sea
Sugizo--Student--dark_anubis AIM: pvcsexpotanubis

Hakuei--Student--hamletcomplex AIM: Hamletcomplex

Janne Da Arc
Yasu-- Student-- flamingdork AIM: Flamingdork

Schwarz Stein
Hora--Student-- craveyourwings AIM: SpookyTestament

KeiT-- Student-- keit AIM: keitxkitty

Solo Artists
Miyabi--student--teh_miichan--AIM: sekiraystory
Gackt--student--gakkuuchan--AIM: deepplumlipstick
Hyde--music teacher--hyde_doremi--AIM: bluebitejunky
Yoshiki--head master--yoshikigod__--AIM: amour d1morte

More will be added as roles are filled... Submission is now open, so feel free to join as members from other bands such as Malice Mizer, L'arc~en~ciel, etc. Characters have the options of being faculty members or students.


All posts must be done in the third person, preferably past tense verbs. That way we can have a sense of cohesiveness. It's like a round-robin story then, except focusing on your individual character. [i.e. He said, "blahblahblah."]

Also, please, any time characters rp together outside of livejournal, keep a log of the rp and post it up on premier amour later. That way the entire community is kept up to date on what's happening.

Any NC-17 material should go behind an lj-cut.

Oh, and if anyone is having trouble finding someone to role play with, Lily or Dorrie will be happy to rp with you.


In order to join premier amour, members must be approved by the moderators. It's a nice way to keep the influx of people steady and be informed about who's joining the community. Please contact one of the moderators, preferably by email. The content should have the following criteria:

-subject line must be self explanatory [i.e. Joining Premier Amour]
-which character you wish to role play
-what role in the rp this character will be playing [i.e. head master, teacher, student, drug dealer]
-a copy of the first entry you wish to post
-the livejournal you are going to use for rping

Without these six things, you'll probably end up being disqualified, so please, just include them. Makes our lives easier. [P.S.- To merely watch the community from your personal lj, merely add it to your friends list.]


Every two weeks, each character must have posted the following:
-at least one IM/chat rp in premieramour_
-at least two entries in the personal lj
Failure to do so will result in removal from the community.

Every rp must be done in the standard format:
-See ROLE-PLAYING STYLE for details.
-In addition, when posting IM/chat rps in the community, usernames must be removed and it must be reformatted so that it reads like a story.
Failure to do so once will result in a one week suspension from the community. Failure to do so twice will result in removal from the community.

Contact information must be readily available:
-The character's lj info page must have contact information openly viewable.
-This includes: email address, screename, and/or personal lj.
Failure to provide this will result in removal from the community.

[These regulations have been designed for the betterment of the community. We apologize for any inconvenience.]


Lily--roleplaying as Shinya--miyu_is_god
Dorrie--roleplaying as Kaoru--lost_kaoru

Thanks for visiting!