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Hi everyone! I'm selling this Aloha tshirt from SXSW 2006. I've only worn it once, so it's practically brand new. My camera's flash is pretty crazy so the tshirt isn't THAT bright, and the screenprint is probably a shade darker, so it's more visible in person.

It's an Adult Medium.
I'm asking for $14 shipped.
I take paypal, money orders, cash, and checks (as a last resort).

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Is anyone going to Aloha tomorrow night at Common Grounds in Gainesville?

My friend that I was going with can't make it, so I'll be looking for cool people to hang out with.
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September, 2 2005 at io lounge - ALL AGES
30 NE 14st, Miami, FL 33132

early ALL AGES show, starts at 8:30 just two bands


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