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hello polka dot com slash lovers! i haven't seen a couple of you in a really long time and i miss you and basically i am posting to say that i want you all (who are in the state of western australia) to please come and hang out with me at the rosemount next wednesday. IP (freely) are playing last so i need your help to get drunk beforehand and also i think it would just be nice to see you. how i miss you ladies. aww.

please come!!

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this is a pretty picture:

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also, please come to my birthday picinic on sunday 1 october from 12 noon at hyde park (throssell st corner, near the fountain) it's going to be tops i hope!

also, esther is leaving really soon, my heart is already starting to pine, for serious! i'm kinda jealous though, or very jealous. yeah.

also, congratulations kate anna on your very first exhibition, it was so sweet, you're amazing!

date plz.

hello pokies!
this friday night is the sleepy jackson at the bakery and im pretty sure we are all going.. we should all go together! omg! and have dinnerz prior! because last time we did that was probaly not even this year. BAD FORM.

meet at the top of the perth train/bus station (le chic area!) at 8pm yeah?

i need more dotz

hey girls!
i think we need to spend more quality time together, so horrocks and i are proposing a dinner & wine date for this thursday night the 13th of april at the moon from about 7.30-8pm. i'd really love to hangout with you guys. pls let us know if this night is not good so we can arrange another time. i want you all there. and no-one else. this is no extended invite. polkadotcom only. only the best for thursday night!

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i thought i'd post some photos of some hott grrrrrls:

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also, got some serious problems with winter holiday plans...this is what you've told me:
jess holidays 12 june - 31 july
rizz holidays 30 june - 20 july
tafe holidays 8 july - 23 july
i start holiday 26 june but have to be back in perth by 7 july for pelican submission we're kinda screwed?!?!?!!

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may i suggest that our christmukkah evening gets changed a bit so that laura miller and sam can at least attend the present exchange, if not the party bus stage of the evening?

this is what i reckon: present exchange from 9.30pm at our house and then on to bigger and (not necessarily) better parties..

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i think that a christmukka celebration must once again occour this year. here are three reasons to convince you:

1) i'm baking cookies!
2) i have not celebrated festive season with laura miller & jess horrocks before!

so, does anyone have any dates in mind? i was thinking the 23rd. it's FRIDAY. otherwise! i guess we will have to postpone until after christ-y-mas! let me know your thoughts please friends!