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strong winds,


yellow candle

dogs barking,

no clouded

"body agitated

mind serene

sould as limpid as a mountain lake."Read more...Collapse )

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Thank you Sun
Ultimate force of Compassion
You give to all without discrimination
And take from none
You exist out of pure Love
I honor you sun for your light, warmth, ultimate Compassion, absolute Love,
And for my consciousness.
Thank you infinite Universe
For sharing your atoms with me
Your existence is Bliss
Your Cosmic Consciousness is the Great Breath
You are the Primordial essence
You are the ultimate Mystery
Let your Logos guide us
So that we may be one with the flow of the Great Breath

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beyond the

"Pairs of Opposites,"

seeing ...

come to the 'view' that


in a (certain) 'sense,'Read more...Collapse )

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Not ever
Oh, not ever
Will it come
To an end:
The drum of,
The song of
The Giver of

We come
To the magic water.
Your word
Goes over the water
With the water bird.

Oh, not ever
Not ever
Will it come
To an end:
The drum of,
The song of
The Giver of

Your flowers, this earth:
Do they go
Like shadows go
When we go
To the Ghost Place?

Oh, not ever
Not ever
Will they come
To an end:
The drum of,
The song of
The Giver of

The good trees, the old:
Under the branches of,
Among the roots of
The ancient cottonwoods
Will we wake?

Oh, not ever
Not ever
Will it come
To an end:
The drum of,
The song of
The Giver of

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Hello, my precious lord
so nice to meet you again
among the ruins,

having migrated back into the shadow-world of the "Cave"
in and out
back and forth
among its prisoners

wonders all,
motives as mixed as their oh so non-pellucid minds
filled with curious intent.

You expect me to function here,
among the blind who think they see,
don't you?

to whom expectations
are merely another
portion of your dream.Read more...Collapse )

The face in the moon

The Face in the Moon

You know they say there’s a face in the moon, staring down, watching, and smiling. Giving light to the night, but not too much just enough to make your chin drop in awe, just enough to let everything and everyone know your still there and you haven’t forgotten them. The face I see in the moon…is your face. But you know what? The moon is only a reflection...only a reflection of the beautiful words that fall from your mouth as they drop down to earth. Only a reflection…Only a reflection. No wonder we can’t stare at the sun for too long…

You’re like the sun and the moon to me.
You shine so radiantly,
But your beauty can never be grasped,
Never be touched.
But you’re always there
Lighting up my life
Unattainable, in fact
But you’re everywhere
Making everything turn to gold
And when you sleep
And when you’ve left
You’re still there burning holes through my heart
Hiding beneath the earth
In a blanket full of stars

Then the moon appears
Still unattainable
But still magnificent in so many ways
And rays of light flowing through the air, unseen, and unheard
But you can feel them
Shading all the imperfections of men’s creations
Making the snow glitter like diamonds
Always there for me…
Watching over me…
Burning…inside me…

Pouring from every pore

Pouring from every Pore

I noticed how everyone’s perception on love is different. So I thought I should give my idea of love. Love is truth. Love is your family. Love is your friends. Love is opening the door Love is the warm covers that hold you tight in the night. Love is the trees, the grass, and the ever-flowing waterfall of life. Love is every person that crosses your path and changes your life with nothing but a simple smile, a simple word. Love is a kiss. Love is a hug. Love is listening. Love is responding with heart. Love is acceptance. Love is a feeling when a companion enters your life and fills it with words of wisdom, with care, with acceptance of who you are, with morning kisses on the forehead, and with webs of steal as they wait for bad emotions to arise and wrapping it in love and draining it of every drop of energy. Love is war, death, crime, depression, fear, sorrow, and loneliness for making love so loving. Love is reality. Love is dream. Love is in between. Love is seeing eyes filled to the brim of tears consisting only of love. Love is knowing. Love is seeing love. Love is hearing love. Love is seeing children dance and play as they forget the troubles of the world. Love is hating the fact of not being able to hate. Love is loving. Love is being loved. Love is stars for filling in the black spaces. Love is the sun for lighting up the faces torn and jaded of not being loved. Love is the night for shading all the imperfections of men’s creations and the moon for making the rest sparkle like diamonds. Love is everything and everyone. Love is the world. Love is the universe.

BUT true love is having a big enough heart to love the entire world for every aspect good and bad, every leaf on every tree, every abusive father that’s so far trapped in his own insecurities and fear of the world and hatred of not being accepted by his own abusive father, every mother who sticks by his side in patience and hope for a better love filled with care and acceptance, and every child that’s lost. Having a big enough heart to look for the love within everyone, whether being drowned by darkness or flowing out of every pore, and trying to bring that out. That is true love.

Please read: True Story, True Conversation

This is a true conversation I had with a friend of mine. Shes a recovering drug addict and just about everyone in her life puts her in a bad position. I would explain more but Im not sure if she would care about me telling her story. But this was the end of our conversation we had just after talking for like an hour about her life and my life and just random things. I hope you can feel and understand the things that I have said in this conversation. Please read.

The Secret to life
"Can I share something with you?" I asked her sympathetically
"Yeah sure" she said
"You have to get up though"
I got up and started to walk across the porch.
"I'm getting sick and tired of people making life so complicated"
with suspense she said "Mmhm"
"They ponder and ponder about the secret to life. They keep looking to look and look even more, they never find what they truly need."
She kept following me slowly to the backyard steps off the porch.
"When all they need to do...is step outside."

"Look around"
"Ok?" she asked but followed directions perfectly
She looked around for a second and replied
"The secret to life is in the trees, its in the moon. Look at the moon its beautiful. Its in the air, the grass, the birds that hum and sing every morning so you have something to wake up for."

"Wow" she said amazed

"Now... look at the sky again. See that sky with all of its winking stars, picture that..."
"That..." I repeated
"picture that inside yourself... and let it rise and rise and let it burst from every pore.

So instead of waking up for the birds humming and singing outside, wake up for the bird thats humming and singing inside of yourself. Now that is a secret, That is beautiful."

She stopped and stared at the sky for atleast five minutes, but before she could turn her head and respond I finished:

"About two weeks ago I came outside because I was feeling depressed and I needed a smoke. I was depressed because of what all I've been through and am going through now. I pondered about my life and just life in general. I started to smoke my ciggerette and then...then it hit me! I looked around... and I saw the trees , the grass, the moon, the stars. Whatever it was it was flowing through the air. It hit me...this IS the secret to life. And for the first time in my life, I felt true happiness, I felt true acceptance, I felt true peace within myself, I felt. I felt!. I wasn't scared anymore, I wasn't insecure anymore, I wasn't afraid to face the world another day. And so I got up and jumped around like I was a little kid and played in the snow and made a snow angel. Most people think about jumping around and doing whatever they want, but they always stop and think "No I can't do that", but... I did. Even though it was freezing cold I layed in the snow for at least 20 minutes. I was shivering like crazy but you know what... It didnt matter because I...I had a smile on my face. Not just a smile, but a smile that ment something. It wasn't fake, it was real and it would last forever inside my mind."

"I'm not sure if you'll understand...feel this now, but I hope you'll find out what I'm talking about one day."

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Science will spread its branches

And these words that cannot be read
…must be read
The feeling of understanding
And the understanding of feeling
…must be felt

And the feeling that cannot be felt
…must be felt
The words of understanding
And the understanding of words
Must be read, must be heard

And the love that cannot be loved
…must be loved
The heart of understanding
And the understanding of heart
Forever and forever
Must beat

On and on
Loudly and clearly
And the day will come
When words melt into feelings
And feelings burn into words
And when the day comes
Science will grow into nature
And everyone will see
Everyone will hear
And everyone will flow down the river
Into an ocean of never-ending nothing.

I had a dream where I fell into an ocean. And every part of me was consumed in the mouth of this creature. Above me the water went on and on, forever and forever in every which direction. It was so vast, so overwhelming. I had been engulfed in the beauty of death. All that water seemed like nothing to me, but I could feel every part of it, I was as big as the universe, and no longer was I isolated. From then on I knew the word nothing was impossible. Nothing was everything. Nothing was more than I knew now. Nothing was more than I could ever know.