bardia (bardia) wrote in poetry_pill_,

The insight of the Ancients

Spontaneous infiltration of my core capacities always leading back to annihilation,
death, destruction, and the eternal reconstruction of all events,
if only I could fly beyond time,
to speed in the splendor of colors rapped up in each other,
to move beyond language to see with pure perception,
seeing everything everywhere interconnected,
sympathy for all sentient beings liberates you of your own hatred for yourself,
if only we could learn to be a friend to ourselves,
then we would be friends to all humanity,
you cant cry when you encounter the mediocre masses,
do not be odious but ridiculous,
emulate Democritus rather than Heraclitus,
Heraclitus wept whenever he went out in public,
Democritus laughed,
one looked at all our behavior with pity the other just thought it silly.

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