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My first poem

Hi. My first post with a poem in it, I've been too depressed and stuff to write so here it is.




Alone in the Crowd

In the crowd I stand.

The one different; the one who doesn't belong

The one with the broken smile.

The one with the liquid pain running down her already wet cheeks.

The one wtih her eyes full of fear.

The one whose hands reflect her pain.

The one everyone can tell something's wrong but refuse to see.

The one who is alone.

The only one.


Kill You

The pistol's shaking in my hands,

As I raise it to your head.

Your eyes show pure fear,

As you beg for one last chance.

My laughter echos in your ears.

One shot and you'd be dead,

But then I'd have the blood on my hands.



Feel like dying tonight

Feel like ending my life,

Right here, right now

Feel like writing some letters.

Telling everyone how I truly feel.

Feel like sticking those letters beside me.

Feel like swallowing some pills.

Feel like closing my eyes,

And not opening them up.

Feel like falling asleep,

And not waking up.

Feel like watching my life stop before me.

Feel like drifting away.



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