stitched_up_mew (stitched_up_mew) wrote in poetry_pill_,

I Am Alice

When the lovely flowers 
Begin to sing
When the flies 
Become beautiful 
I will wait for you at waters edge
Near the Hatter’s grave
And the Caterpillar’s corpse
I loose my self 
In mirrors
Shining silver and gold
Smooth and rippled 
They contradict 
But they only speak the truth
I will search between 
Here and There, 
Looking for what I’ve lost
I do not know what it is
But I know I must find it 
Perhaps its buried beneath the Vorpal Sword’s 
Hidden palace 
I saw the three of hearts
Running towards me
Holding bloody and snow white 
The Red Queen cried
At the loss of the King of  Hearts
And stood by his deathbed 
Wishing for a heart of ice

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