Hopey (angbunny) wrote in poetry_pill_,

Hi I just joined. I've just graduated from college and have dabbled in poetry for the last year. I usually try to make myself forget how lonely I am by writting poetry from a character's perspective. Most of my poetry has been from Fey, a dnd character's perspective. Below is a poem I wrote in an attempt to try using my loneliness, and write down what had been going on with me.

It’s hard to forget how lonely one is,
Friends may serve to distract
But distractions only work for so long.

Trying to occupy the mind with music
Not even dancing helped
Saying it out loud had confirmed it.

Neither smokes nor drinks could help
Watching the show from the crowd
Fighting back tears from nowhere.

Surrounded by people, yet so alone.
Driving by myself after work
Seeing friends from college.

Leaving before I was ready
Trying to hide watery eyes.
Bursting into tears as the door closed.
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