March 1st, 2012

I Am

I am transient
My darling Paper Town
I am but a wisp of cloud
Blown about by angerily whispering winds
Something seeming virginal
For when I am touched,
I disappear
I am the scent of roses and blood
A scent of betrayal of trust
The smell which keeps you awake
Swooning with feverish nightmares and flashes of red
I alone allow you to sleep
I am the taste of strawberry wine,
Which stained the lips of the woman you loved
The night you first met
I am the hunger, devouring your mind
Seeking the answers, killing your soul
I crave naught but the truth, though you won’t enjoy  it
I eat away at the most delicate  pieces of your psyche
I alone will allow you to rest
I am the god that played on your fears,
Wasted you away,
Killed  your children,
Starved your wives,
Sent your sons to war