January 7th, 2005

  • bardia

Do I affirm your life?

Your so called stark reality is starting to sound strident,
why not get lost in contemplation of the unconscious unreality,
lucid dreaming searching for the key in the maze of my grey matter,
my friends tell me they have to be “mentally ready” for me,
the speed of my brain bombards them and brain cant process,
this probably explains why I crash every other week,
my brain hasn’t learned how to calm down its own thoughts,
better to think a lot then not think at all,
better to speak my music then create a reflection of it,
better to hear you and see you as you don’t want to be seen but are,
there I go again,
always getting lost in my own intellectual elitism,
every word is a conviction,
but I question,
I do not have the power of truth,
I have the power of forgiveness,
Nietzsche said convictions are a very popular error,
that Germanic god and beast said attack your convictions,
he just relayed ancient Socratic known knowledge,
what is there left to fight for but the long lost gift of genius,
me I want a reason to wake up at 5:30 a.m.,
me I sleep in half past twelve,
me I even nullify my life twice taking naps at noon,
inspire me someone,
no not with your deceitful good looks and ever changing charm,
inspire me by showing me that I exist,
inspire me by getting the music that is me.