December 23rd, 2004

words that cannot be said

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hey im 15 from NY and i dunno if this is the place for me... my poems tend not to rhyme and they're never as good as i want... but maybe im wrong... here's an example of... me

darkness conumes
her every thought
as the happiness is slowly
drained from her tiny limp body
she lays motionless
the pain overwhelms her
the knows her life will soon be over
so she smiles
walks the extra mile
she makes the process quicker
one cut to each fucking wrist
she lets go of life and love
and watches her final tear
of lonliness and sorrow
hit the dusty
quickly fleeting
The happiness escapes her
and she cries
hiding her eyes
and the world is dark now
the blackness eats away
the hole that once resembled a heart
but still she takes the task
wears the mask
beats the pain back down
tomarrow she will see
what she has always believed
tomarrow she will find
her quiet state of mind
she hides her face
the darkness that surrounds
for everyday in darkness
is another day of fear
you see a tear
it falls to the ground
the skys release
the pain she feels
she cuts her arm
the blood mixes
raindrops and tears
all is one
all is done
streaming bloody tears
pool at her feet
she doesnt explain too clearly
nor does she avoid it
what she once knew
she must again make right
she sheilds her eyes
beats the lies
and breaks her truce tonight
breaking the skin
breaking a promise
her lips become silent
and she speaks
"never again will i do this to me"
tepid pools of blood
drip from her shaking wrist
relieveing the pain
making her real
drenched in the rain
she can finally feel
mixing with tears
blood and sweat
staining the ground
soggy and wet
outside in the cold
freezing and soaked
she begins to know
the feelings she once cloaked
she lays in the street
forgetting where she is
the cold takes her body
and the pain finally ends
yeah thats enough for now

please comment, i wanna know what im doing wrong