October 13th, 2004

Ending No. 000

Bears resemblence to something
Beyond a world of white, a morning to consume all worry
Living on sweetness...a dirty, painful sugar

~Clouds, a beautiful place to place a strain~

Old plastic bag dances in salted sadness, the holding of inner scorching
Thrown to the rain, for today a shade of gray will engulf a vein

~bleed anew~

Amputate this sudden urge to find myself a greater benefit
For sleeping has proved itself detrimental in days removed
Calloused and white, the meat between the offering swells
To falter in it's own rebirth, the solace burning in it's own cold
As new purity negates elder hell

"Suitable", proved the desire when it came to say goodbye
Like a taste of pussy, pink and pleasurable while
It was only a number of months when it's severity went off and died

~Least it ends the hurt,
Burning away the lessons learnt~

This is how it'll feel, abroad through anti-venom illusions
Colder and crossed, bridges collide with the reflections of dellusion
Blossomed through the holes
As colder becomes the rain
Deadend now, what prospers in this season
Is change

Now sound off warmer echoes
So disappear
Leave me in blessings and keep it so

Bears resemblance to rotting
Beyond a world of hatred, a night to consume all of nothing
Living in bitterness..what a beautiful new heroin