August 17th, 2004

last call

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hey I just joined this community. poetry is my pill a lot of the time, so I thought I should join.
I'll start off by posting my oldest poem. sorry its really long, but its my favorite that I’ve written.

This Dark Misery

she looks up at the dark mysterious moon
watching it be smothered by clouds
for she knows exactly what it feels like to be smothered
smothered by the darkness and pain of this world and all it brings
she feels so alone, so afraid
she is waiting for a second chance
a second chance to accept someone’s help
there has been so many times that she has not
allowed herself to be free, like others
her darkest day was when she cracked
having to explain to her friends what was going on
just to keep others at ease, and when they weren’t
she would always push them away from her
she would close off her heart and soul from the world
"is there anything wrong?"
was the question that so many asked
friends, teachers, strangers
but she could not imagine telling the truth
"no, im fine."
would be her response time after time
anger and pain would build up inside
why couldn’t she just say "yes!"
after all, it is only one word
but a word that had so much meaning to her
it would unlock her secrets, fears, troubles
people would see the hurt that had been buried
for months, maybe even years
it is too late now, the moment has already passed
could there possibly be anyone for her to go to now? anywhere?
no, times up, tomorrow night
as she watched the moon being smothered by the clouds once again
she decided she couldn’t handle it anymore
and as the thunder roared, and the lightning shot
it began to rain...
raining crimson blood from her wrists
and, as she lay there, silent and still
with the bloodied blade beside her
she whispered to the world...

"…why me?"

please comment if you read, reviews are always nice =)

♥ beth
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A Name is of no importance..

Im new.. and i love poetry.. i havent been writing very much recently(writers block) but i love reading other peoples writes so i will commenting when i can...Here is one of my old poems..

The Hurt

Silicone lips perched at a grim orifice
She bleeds
But not only for stability
She sheds life's at her doorstep
And acts as though the merciful were never there

Nightly visits
To those she once liked
To those who she remembered
Casting evil smirks here and there
She wishes not to care

Noble and perched with laced disease
But she only pleaded with false promises

Let me get what i want

Surly this was not the end?
Beautiful... never let me down again
Knotted your hair
Pulled at your eyelids
Till the tears fell like pins
Turning to ash
Shattered like glass

The hurt
Was so minuscule
To the absolute rage
That tore at the sides
That drank from her fire
Spilling over
as if water was not enough to quench
A thirst so eternal
So infinite
Licking lies betrayal and deceit

I am only human

I..can..only feel?
Spread my thoughts to those who were dying
Made my words be heard
Among the crowd of TV stimulated images
Flickering hearts, digital blood flow
Sit with me...
And ill tell you everything
Everything i know..

About the hurt.

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Tell me whatcha think of this one and which you like better? Close or disguise.

By Chris McGraw

I see you sitting alone
(you’re) wondering how to go on
but I know your heart is torn
battered and beaten, you’re badly worn
I don’t care what others say
They don’t want to think this way

(but I say to you today)
(that you’re loved by one)
(you’re loved by me)
I have to come to set you free
From your pain and misery
(you can know my peace today)
(it brings release)
far away from where you are
I’m always near, never far

Only a heartbeat away
Your heart grows weaker, day by day
All you wanted was someone who cares
Someone there to dry the tears
But all they do is look and walk away
So ashamed you run another way

I’m only a whisper away
(I’m that still small voice)
Call on me, I’ll hear you today
(crying out your name)
I’m the one who loves you
(I want you here)
I’m the one who will never leave
(I want you near)

I’m only a whisper away
I’m the one who wants you to stay
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On the outside
looking in
no one notices
i’m bleeding
i lay waiting
for something real
i’m still on the outside
looking in
no one cares
i’m laying here dying
the blood pour out
some more
i’m on the outside
looking in
i hate this
leave me be
can’t you see me?
lying dying
i’m on the outside
looking in
i hate the way you
i would do anything to feel
that i am real
i’m lying dying
i’m on the outside looking in
but, not for long
i’m fake again
i enter this world once again
i don’t like it
i’m lying dying
in deceit
i wish something were real
i’m on the outside
looking in again