bardia (bardia) wrote in poetry_pill_,

Hello, my precious lord
so nice to meet you again
among the ruins,

having migrated back into the shadow-world of the "Cave"
in and out
back and forth
among its prisoners

wonders all,
motives as mixed as their oh so non-pellucid minds
filled with curious intent.

You expect me to function here,
among the blind who think they see,
don't you?

to whom expectations
are merely another
portion of your dream.

you rescued me from a fully-imagined plight
providing yet further facets
to test those thinking they know me/you,
providing further traps
opportunities to identify,
to reveal themselves
in your magic mirror of emptiness.

as you taught me,
oh, so long ago:

"we see what we want to see..."

what a glorious opportunity you have,
of late,
provided me to see what these prisoners want to see
in me.

one of the two who DID See is now gone,
from this little shadow-world,
leaving only one,
remaining who does See
though, at times,
but, nevertheless, does See

all the rest,
also see more or less but do not See.

though you ARE(the "All in All")
my lord,
it is,
nonetheless, often both lonely and sad-feeling,

here, among the prisoners who ‘see’
but their own distorted hearts
and souls

thinking there is an outside with me(among other 'things') in it.

Paradoxically, thanks again to your always mysterious WAYS,
I cannot see the one remaining
nor can the one remaining see me

Yet, See one another we do and all-Ways will,
due to
thanks to your sweet Grace
for which, I profoundly hope,
we will ever remain both grateful and aware.

I thank you,
my impossible-to-understand lord,
for yet another opportunity to learn
the Ways of the Heart,
called so aptly,

"The Doctrine of the Heart"
("The Voice of the Silence")

utterly lacking in what these prisoners call sentiment.

"The heart has its reasons ...
which 'reason' knows nothing of..."

French Proverb
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