Mike (love_holds_love) wrote in poetry_pill_,

The face in the moon

The Face in the Moon

You know they say there’s a face in the moon, staring down, watching, and smiling. Giving light to the night, but not too much just enough to make your chin drop in awe, just enough to let everything and everyone know your still there and you haven’t forgotten them. The face I see in the moon…is your face. But you know what? The moon is only a reflection...only a reflection of the beautiful words that fall from your mouth as they drop down to earth. Only a reflection…Only a reflection. No wonder we can’t stare at the sun for too long…

You’re like the sun and the moon to me.
You shine so radiantly,
But your beauty can never be grasped,
Never be touched.
But you’re always there
Lighting up my life
Unattainable, in fact
But you’re everywhere
Making everything turn to gold
And when you sleep
And when you’ve left
You’re still there burning holes through my heart
Hiding beneath the earth
In a blanket full of stars

Then the moon appears
Still unattainable
But still magnificent in so many ways
And rays of light flowing through the air, unseen, and unheard
But you can feel them
Shading all the imperfections of men’s creations
Making the snow glitter like diamonds
Always there for me…
Watching over me…
Burning…inside me…

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