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Please read: True Story, True Conversation

This is a true conversation I had with a friend of mine. Shes a recovering drug addict and just about everyone in her life puts her in a bad position. I would explain more but Im not sure if she would care about me telling her story. But this was the end of our conversation we had just after talking for like an hour about her life and my life and just random things. I hope you can feel and understand the things that I have said in this conversation. Please read.

The Secret to life
"Can I share something with you?" I asked her sympathetically
"Yeah sure" she said
"You have to get up though"
I got up and started to walk across the porch.
"I'm getting sick and tired of people making life so complicated"
with suspense she said "Mmhm"
"They ponder and ponder about the secret to life. They keep looking to look and look even more, they never find what they truly need."
She kept following me slowly to the backyard steps off the porch.
"When all they need to do...is step outside."

"Look around"
"Ok?" she asked but followed directions perfectly
She looked around for a second and replied
"The secret to life is in the trees, its in the moon. Look at the moon its beautiful. Its in the air, the grass, the birds that hum and sing every morning so you have something to wake up for."

"Wow" she said amazed

"Now... look at the sky again. See that sky with all of its winking stars, picture that..."
"That..." I repeated
"picture that inside yourself... and let it rise and rise and let it burst from every pore.

So instead of waking up for the birds humming and singing outside, wake up for the bird thats humming and singing inside of yourself. Now that is a secret, That is beautiful."

She stopped and stared at the sky for atleast five minutes, but before she could turn her head and respond I finished:

"About two weeks ago I came outside because I was feeling depressed and I needed a smoke. I was depressed because of what all I've been through and am going through now. I pondered about my life and just life in general. I started to smoke my ciggerette and then...then it hit me! I looked around... and I saw the trees , the grass, the moon, the stars. Whatever it was it was flowing through the air. It hit me...this IS the secret to life. And for the first time in my life, I felt true happiness, I felt true acceptance, I felt true peace within myself, I felt. I felt!. I wasn't scared anymore, I wasn't insecure anymore, I wasn't afraid to face the world another day. And so I got up and jumped around like I was a little kid and played in the snow and made a snow angel. Most people think about jumping around and doing whatever they want, but they always stop and think "No I can't do that", but... I did. Even though it was freezing cold I layed in the snow for at least 20 minutes. I was shivering like crazy but you know what... It didnt matter because I...I had a smile on my face. Not just a smile, but a smile that ment something. It wasn't fake, it was real and it would last forever inside my mind."

"I'm not sure if you'll understand...feel this now, but I hope you'll find out what I'm talking about one day."

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