Mike (love_holds_love) wrote in poetry_pill_,

Science will spread its branches

And these words that cannot be read
…must be read
The feeling of understanding
And the understanding of feeling
…must be felt

And the feeling that cannot be felt
…must be felt
The words of understanding
And the understanding of words
Must be read, must be heard

And the love that cannot be loved
…must be loved
The heart of understanding
And the understanding of heart
Forever and forever
Must beat

On and on
Loudly and clearly
And the day will come
When words melt into feelings
And feelings burn into words
And when the day comes
Science will grow into nature
And everyone will see
Everyone will hear
And everyone will flow down the river
Into an ocean of never-ending nothing.

I had a dream where I fell into an ocean. And every part of me was consumed in the mouth of this creature. Above me the water went on and on, forever and forever in every which direction. It was so vast, so overwhelming. I had been engulfed in the beauty of death. All that water seemed like nothing to me, but I could feel every part of it, I was as big as the universe, and no longer was I isolated. From then on I knew the word nothing was impossible. Nothing was everything. Nothing was more than I knew now. Nothing was more than I could ever know.

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