Mike (love_holds_love) wrote in poetry_pill_,

A forest in the sky

So what awaits me is a forest in the sky. The forest of knowing is this forest. A forest of feeling is this forest. A forest of love is this forest. And everyone who lives here understands everything, not with thought, but with feeling. And everyone will live in peace with acceptance in the core of their hearts. Everyone will know, they will know the art of knowing. And the secret to life lies on the leaves on every tree. And love exists in the raindrops as they fall down to the ground and seep slowly into each magical seed. The bark on every tree will heal the troubled minds of all who live in this forest in the sky. And the branches will hold the massive weight of the love of all as a whole, in this forest in the sky…

And I shall wander within the darkened depths of my mind
But wander…I wonder, how I’ll wander?
That decision I’m afraid will be determine by the pureness of my heart
But wander…I wonder, where I’ll wander?
That decision I’m afraid will be determine by my guide’s guiding hands
But wander…I wonder, what I’ll see while I wander?
That decision I’m afraid lies in the eyes of my demons

And I shall see demons of many colors
Red, white and blue and the stars of control
Horns shall grow from the mirror
The mirror of denied truth
I shall kiss the lips of hel
And bestow an intriguing smile
And I shall return the favors
Of a thousand tormented souls
Being enslaved for hundreds of years
As nothing but a mere walkway

Without fear. Without regret I shall walk right out again
Walking tall, Walking fine
I’ll walk back into the depths of reality’s fool
And live among the blinded
And then, then I shall return to my home
I shall return to my forest of knowing…

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