Caroline in Boston

The Speakeasy in Boston is doing Caroline, Or Change! It's running May 5-June 3. The Speakeasy usually does cool shows like Caroline and they usually do a pretty good job, so I'm really excited about this. If you're in the area, you should definitely go.
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Tonya LJ Community

Hey Everyone!

I would like to announce the reopening of the Tonya Pinkins LJ community. It is a community for the divine Miss Pinkins where you can talk about and update others on what Tonya is doing. Since you are all Caroline, or Change fans, (like me) you all know her and most likely have a deep respect for her talent. So, please stop by and check out the community. Joining would be even better!

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Hey guys---its BlondyTommy. I changed my LJ username now because I made my journal friend's only and wanted to start from the beginning. Just thought I should do an intro post incase y'all were wondering where I was. I'm still here! heehee! :)