pro ana crave controlling tips

information that has just been discovered. I have to say that I spend hours looking into
the newest and fastest ways of controlling cravings everyday. People on diets need to
have an arsenal of tools to help them kill the dreaded craving times. So when is your
worst craving time? Before meals, between meals, after meals, all the time? I have some
tips for you

Hunger Control Tips

Pears - A couple of pears will eliminate your cravings for
sweets and help make your body to feel full. Rich in Pectin,
Boron, Vitamin C, Folic acid and Calcium a Pear can be your
best friend. Eat plenty of raw apples and cabbage as well. An
abundance of pectin and fiber in these foods will enhance
rapid fat burning by the body. Your body will be getting
energy from existing fat and not have an overwhelming urge
to eat and replace the nutrition.
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